3 Breast Reduction Considerations To Make Before Going Under The Knife

It’s more common to hear about breast augmentation surgeries in the United States. Coupled with statistics like 91% of women reporting boosted self-esteem post-augmentation surgery, they certainly take the front seat in cosmetic surgery discussions involving breasts.

Breast reduction surgeries are talked about less often. Still, a fairly common procedure on the opposite end of the spectrum, breast reduction surgeries help women with heavy, large, and/or overly cumbersome breasts. Whether bringing physical relief from excessive breast weight or taking the cup size down, whatever the case may be, breast reduction comes with some questions.

The process can be complicated

Like with any plastic surgery, breast reductions deal with a part of the body as a whole. Many people think that their breast reduction is a one-off operation, which isn’t true. Sometimes, other modifications need be made in surrounding areas to ensure your body’s shape recovers in the most healthy way. Whether this is losing weight pre-op or having minor complications post-op, everyone’s bodies are different.

Insurance doesn’t always cover it

By now, you know better than to go headlong into any medical procedure, let alone cosmetic surgery without checking with your insurance provider for coverage. Breast reduction surgery may very well be covered by your provider, but in the case that it’s not, you should try and fight for it. Breast reduction surgery is among the cosmetic surgery procedures that often fall under the medical category more than aesthetic. Get opinions from a few different doctors and have them send letters, you may get your insurance company to cover the operation.

Men can get it, too

While certainly a more popular option among women, men can have the operation, too. Obviously, bodies are different, but the desired results are often the same. Men often gain excessive weight for a variety of reasons that lead to body image issues that can be reconciled with a cosmetic operation. Cosmetic surgery isn’t limited to the ladies, break the stigma and live your best life, guys.

Breast reduction surgery shouldn’t be something to fear. It’s an important operation that can change physical health and body image. These are things that shouldn’t be shooed away because of operational apprehension. Get in and talk to a cosmetic surgeon, talk to your primary care physician, and learn more today.v

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