3 Perfect Weekend Getaway Ideas for Couples

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After a long busy week, you truly deserve some time to unwind. A great idea would be a short weekend vacation with your partner. But choosing a perfect destination to explore can be a challenging experience considering you only have few days to spend before resuming back to work. There are several factors that you must take into consideration in order to have a memorable weekend getaway, they include expenses, accessibility, destinations, flexibility among others. The numerous vacation destinations around offer you a host of options to pick from, depending on your needs and budget of course.

If you have limited time to wander and explore long distance vacation spots, you might as well take a trip around your area and get to see what the city has to offer. This is an inexpensive vacation idea that requires little to no preparation and it can be an exciting experience for both of you. So if you choose to be a local tourist, it’s important to consult your local tourism office to get authorization pass that will allow you to access different local attraction sites at affordable rates.

For vacationers couples, there is a wide selection of destination and affordable weekend vacation getaways at your disposal. From an outdoor getaway experience to luxury romantic hotels and spa treatment centers, you’re sure to find a perfect place to spend your weekend off. To maximize the few days you have, be sure to find nearby vacation spots that will not only save you time, but also money. Research shows that in every 10 travelers, four (42%) of them feel more romantic vacation. Here are few couples weekend vacation ideas to try for your next getaway.

Romantic resort
Resorts and inns can be a great getaway for two. They offer romantic opportunity to rekindle your love and renew your vows. Sip some champagne and enjoy the breathtaking scenery on the balcony. You can also stay indoors, watching movies and enjoying quality room service such as couples massage and spa treatment sessions. In addition, resorts offer the most relaxing and rejuvenating environment for your body to recharge for the busy days ahead.

Try Camping! It’s Exciting
What a better way to reconnect with yourself than to immerse in the beauty nature has to offer! This is what you can expect from a camp out with the one you love. There are several ways you can plan out your camping experience, whether you choose a recreational vehicle (RV), cabin or pitch a tent. For couples, RV would be the best option as it’s convenience since you won’t have to struggle with heavy back packs and camping equipment. If you still want to maintain some level of luxury, there are campgrounds that offer special amenities such as hot showers and bathtubs for an ultimate hybrid adventure. Usually, there are plenty of activities you can indulge in while camping including swimming, scavenger hunting, hiking, fishing, bird watching and everything in between indoor and outdoor games.

Cruising Vacation
Although it’s considered an expensive getaway option, cruising can be one of the most romantic vacation for couples. Jump on board and enjoy the waters to unknown territories. Cruise ships are basically a mobile collective of amenities such as hotels, swimming pools, fitness centers, spas, shopping and entertainment spots and more. There are numerous entertainment activities you can experience on a cruise ship, from comedy shows, live bands to massive movie theaters, all under one roof.

A survey by AARP indicates that in 2016, about 24% of millennials planned to go on a vacation getaway. This goes to show that getaways are for designed for people of all ages, the young and the old alike. With these awesome weekend vacation ideas, you are set to have an experience of a lifetime, memories you’ll forever reminisce on. Whatever option you embrace, be sure you relax as much as possible, don’t think about work, instead, focus on the moment you have with your partner.

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