3 Questions Employees May Have about Required Drug Tests

drug test

Drug tests are becoming the norm for many full-time and part-time jobs all across the country. Before anyone can begin their new position, they typically will have to submit to the drug test to ensure they are not under the influence of any illegal substances.

If and when you go in for a routine drug test, you may have a few questions. Let’s take a look at a few.

What happens if someone refuses the drug test?

Often times, when one potential hire refuses to take a drug test, it will be treated as a positive result. That means a potential employer will assume you’re under teh influence of an illegal substance. If it is treated as a positive result, the employee will have the “result” associated with them. Companies should have a clause in their paperwork that does say what their specific policy is, but in more cases than none, a test refusal is a positive result.

Can an employee fake a drug test?

Online, there are many different scams that might claim to help “fake” a drug test. Truth be told, there’s no way to effectively “fake” the results of a drug screening. Not only will the testing facility have strict rules about how the drug test is administered, but the tests run on your DNA will reveal the truth, no matter what it is.

What happens if an applicant can’t produce a drug and alcohol test urine sample?

Until the applicant is able to produce a sample for the rapid drug screen test, they will be asked to stay at the testing location. It’s understandable that someone may not be able to produce a sample right away and that’s okay. They will just not be allowed to leave until they are able to give a sample and complete the test.

Government studies show that one out of every six workers has a problem with drug abuse. To avoid having drugs interfere in the workplace, many companies will require their new employees to submit to a drug test. This not only ensures the employee a spot within the company, but ensures that drugs won’t mix with the workplace.

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