5 Ailments Medical Marijuana Can Help Treat

There is currently a wide range of short and long term studies that are all looking at the uses of medical marijuana. That being said, it has been found that medical marijuana is a suitable treatment method for a wide variety of conditions. It’s understandable to wonder which types of conditions that this type of marijuana can potentially help with. With that in mind, here are five ailments that medical marijuana commonly treats.

  1. Anxiety

    People living with anxiety tend to perceive stressful situations in a different manner than others. Those living with anxiety can have these feelings heightened for a wide variety of reasons including being around large groups of people or having to give a presentation. No matter what causes someone to feel anxiety, medical marijuana has been shown to be a suitable treatment for this situation. In fact, statistics show that anxiety disorders affect nearly 40 million adults throughout the United States, making it the most common mental illness in this country.
  2. Depression

    Certain individuals living with anxiety often experience depression. That being said, depression differs greatly from anxiety. While anxiety might make someone feel excitable or panicked, depression often renders someone barely able to move. In addition, those suffering from depression are often in a saddened state. Statistics show that nearly 80% of those suffering from depression are not seeking out the professional help they need. Medical marijuana is commonly used to treat depression as it has been known to increases feelings of happiness.
  3. Chronic Pain

    Unfortunately, many people living with chronic pain. This pain is often the result of injuries that were sustained in the past. In the past, potentially dangerous painkillers were thought as the only thing that could cause someone to manage chronic pain without surgery. However, many studies have shown that medical marijuana use has been shown to help subjects suffering from chronic pain.
  4. Multiple Sclerosis

    Multiple sclerosis is a disease that mainly affects the spinal cord and neck areas of the body. Considering that this disease affects nerve coverings, it’s common for those living with this condition to experience pain. Therefore, medical marijuana is commonly utilized as a way to treat the pain associated with multiple sclerosis. In addition, medical marijuana can also be utilized to help treat tremors associated with having this disease.
  5. Obesity

    You might think it seems odd that medical marijuana could make someone lose weight. After all, those who have had experience with marijuana often note that it makes them feel hungry. Believe it or not, marijuana has been shown to increase your metabolism. It’s the metabolism boost that causes many to experience feelings of hunger after using medical marijuana. If you’re worried about what to eat when hunger strikes, consider stocking your fridge with healthier snack options.

To summarize, there are several types of medical ailments that medical marijuana might be able to help treat. While it’s important to note that little evidence shows that medical marijuana can cure any of these conditions, many patients feel it works well to help manage their symptoms. Many people visit medical marijuana doctors in order to see if they qualify to receive a special card. You’ll need a legally obtained medical marijuana card in order to use this type of medication.

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