5 Signs Your Symtpoms are More Than a Cold

Unfortunately, many people come down with sicknesses each year. In fact, statistics show that 1 billion people throughout the United States come down with a cold each year. It’s understandable to wonder what symptoms are present with colds and other similar types of illnesses. While a cold might not need professional medical treatment, it’s wise to visit a health clinic while dealing other sicknesses. With that in mind, here are five signs that you’re dealing with more than just a cold.

  1. You’ve Recently Been on Vacation

    It’s understandable to wonder why medical professionals might ask if you’ve been on vacation while you’re being treated. Unfortunately, many unknowing travelers can end up bringing home illnesses from other places. This is especially true for those traveling to countries where spreading illnesses remain major problems. It’s common for someone to be unaware that their illness happened during vacation until after they’ve arrived back home.
  2. Symptoms Last Longer Than 72 Hours

    While colds can sometimes vary in terms of severity, these illnesses rarely last over three days. Therefore, it’s important to monitor how long you’ve been dealing with the symptoms of your sickness. In the event that you still feel sick after three or four days, you’re likely dealing with the flu. In fact, statistics show that anywhere between 5-20% of people in the United States will catch the flu during any given year.
  3. A Fever Develops

    Another sign that your sickness is more than just a cold has to do with if you’re experiencing a fever. While many assume that cold and fevers occur together, this isn’t often true. In many cases, a fever above 100 degrees Fahrenheit is often an indicator that you’re dealing the flu. The flu can be an extremely dangerous illness. Therefore, it’s wise to seek medical care at an urgent care clinic while dealing with the flu.
  4. Headaches Begin Occurring

    It’s important to consider if your cold is accompanied by headaches. For the most part, colds tend to cause headaches to take place. In addition, you’ll want to note if you’re currently feeling pain or pressure around your face. Your sinuses lie behind your face, meaning pain that seems to surround your nose and eyes is often a sign of a sinus infection. While this might sound scary, a sinus infection is often treatable with a round of antibiotics.
  5. You’re Dealing With Aching Muscles

    While you might think that a cold is supposed to cause body aches, this generally isn’t true. However, a common symptom of the flu is having to deal with body pains. In addition, take note if you feel tired performing simple tasks. Those with the flu often find that getting out of bed becomes a daunting task. Therefore, experiencing achy muscles in combination with a feeling of exhaustion likely means that you’ve come down with the flu.

In conclusion, there are several signs that a sickness has become more than just a common cold. Considering that, it’s wise to visit an urgent care clinic in order to receive a second opinion. In fact, data collected from the Urgent Care Association of America found that nearly 3 million patients visit these facilities each week. If you’re dealing with something more serious than the flu, visiting a nearby urgent care center is a convenient way to receive the treatment you need. Urgent care professionals regularly treat patients for bouts of the flu, sinus infections, and many other similar illnesses.

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