5 Tips for Keeping Seniors Safe During the Winter

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Many senior citizens enjoy going on walks with those who are caring for them. Unfortunately, many seniors have trouble leaving their home during the colder months of the year. In addition to dangers from extreme temperatures, the risk of falling on snow or ice is also present. Considering that, there are many ways to help the senior in your life safely go on walks while snow is falling. With that in mind, here are five tips for keeping senior citizens safe while outside in the Winter.

  1. Treat Outdoor Areas First

    Depending on how much Winter weather you’ve received, you might need to take precautionary measures before a senior is able to safely leave their home. In addition to shoveling snow, you might find it beneficial to place a special solution on walkways in order to improve traction. In many cases, this solution is often a type of salt or rock material that provides traction while helping to melt away thick patches of ice.
  2. An Outdoor Stairlift is a Great Idea

    One of the most dangerous areas for seniors is a snowy stairway. Considering that, you’ll find it’s wise to consider having a weatherproofed outdoor stairlift installed for the senior in your life. These outdoor models are weatherproofed, ensuring they’re ready to use throughout almost any type of conditions. In addition, you can contact a company that creates these structures in order to have an outdoor stairlift designed for your particular stairway.
  3. Bring Along Mobility Aids

    After a senior has gotten out of their home with the help of a stairlift solution, it’s important that you still bring along other types of mobility aids including a cane or walker. Many senior citizens own some type of mobility assistance device. In fact, statistics show that nearly 6.8 million people throughout the United States use some type of assistive device to help with mobility issues. With that in mind, it’s important that a senior has mobility aids with them while walking with someone during the Winter months.
  4. Keep a Slow Pace

    Statistics show that an older adult is treated in the emergency room for injuries relating to a fall. Considering that, it’s vital that you keep a slow pace while walking with a senior in the Winter. While weatherproofed outdoor stairlifts help to ensure seniors are safe around their respective properties, it’s hard to find these devices used in public. You’ll always want to keep a slow and safe pace while walking with a senior, especially if any outdoor staircases are encountered.
  5. Don’t Forget to Wipe Down Interior Entryways

    Statistics show that over half of all falls that happen to older adults take place while they’re at home. Considering that, it’s important to make sure that all shoes and other items are stored away from hard floor surfaces. Over time, the snow collected on these items can begin to form a dangerous puddle of wear. Therefore, it’s important to place clothing that contains excess snow or moisture on a towel to dry.

To summarize, there are several ways to help ensure seniors remain safe during the Winter. It’s important that outdoor areas are treated by either shoveling snow and ice or apply some type of solution. One of the most important items to have to keep seniors safe during the Winter is a weatherproofed outdoor stairlift. These machines differ from other types of stairlifts available. A weatherproofed outdoor stairlift is treated in a way that helps ensure this device is ready and safe to use even during the Winter. That being said, you’ll still want to bring along a cane or similar device for a senior away from the home. In addition, be sure to keep a slow pace while walking with a senior. Many falls that take place among seniors happen while they’re at home. Consider that, be sure to thoroughly wipe down interior walkways after taking a senior back inside.

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