6 Debunked Myths About LASIK Eye Surgery

Many people throughout the United States undergo LASIK surgery. In fact, statistics from 2015 found that 21 million people LASIK procedures were performed for that year. However, it makes sense to want to find out about this procedure before considering having it done. Unfortunately, there are many false myths surrounding the LASIK procedure that needs to be cleared up. With that in mind, here are six untrue myths about LASIK surgery.

  1. LASIK Surgery is Expensive

    In the early days of this surgery, it’s understandable that it was once expensive. However, LASIK eye surgery costs have decreased dramatically throughout time. Technological advances have helped to make LASIK eye surgery costs lower than ever. In addition, there are many types of insurance or financial plans that can make financing this procedure easier than ever before.
  2. This Procedure Causes Complications

    In addition to wondering about LASIK eye surgery costs, it’s common to wonder about complications. Many people think about a surgery and imagine the rate of complications associated with this procedure. Fortunately, you’ll be glad to know that fewer than 1% of individuals that undergo a LASIK procedure end up experiencing complications.
  3. LASIK Surgery is Painful

    This is one of the biggest myths about this surgery. Those undergoing LASIK surgeries are given special numbing drops before the procedure begins. Many patients that enter for surgery understandably feel a bit nervous. However, those same patients are often amazed at how minimally invasive this procedure feels. At worst, a patient might experience a slight feeling of pressure but never pain.
  4. A Standard LASIK Procedure Takes a Long Time

    Certain surgeries can take a while to complete but LASIK isn’t one of them. It’s understandable for patients to assume that LASIK procedures might take hours to complete. Fortunately, LASIK is actually known for being able to complete in a short amount of time. In fact, a standard LASIK procedure takes only about 10 minutes per eye to fully complete.
  5. LASIK Takes Ages to Recover From

    After most surgeries, many people need to take a few days or weeks to fully recover. You might be putting of LASIK surgery due to falsely assuming that this surgery requires taking a lot of time. On the contrary, patients undergoing LASIK eye surgery are usually able to return to normalcy within a few days. In addition, most patients report a complete recovery within about hours.
  6. This Surgery is Only for Nearsighted Individuals

    While it’s true that LASIK was initially only available for nearsighted individuals. However, advances in technology now mean that both near and farsighted individuals can benefit from receiving LASIK surgery. This means that people with either of the previously mentioned conditions can have their vision problems corrected through a LASIK procedure.

In conclusion, there are many untrue myths about LASIK surgery. If you want to begin taking steps to receive this procedure, you’ll want to contact an eye doctor. In turn, you’ll be able to find out more about the LASIK procedure. In addition, you can find out the best way for you to cover any LASIK eye surgery costs. Many people have had their vision massively improved after undergoing their respective LASIK procedures.

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