Achieving Healthier Skin: Tips and Guidelines

Looking to gain clearer, healthier skin? You are not alone. Many men and women are looking for ways to look younger and keep their skin free from harmful conditions, such as psoriasis, skin cancer, melanomas, and more. In fact, by 2024, the global skincare market is likely going to be worth around $180 billion.

Fortunately, protecting your skin does not have to be a challenge. By consulting regularly with your dermatologist and by following a few basic procedures and guidelines, you could be well on your way to a healthier, glowing complexion in no time.

Beware the Sun

A lot of people underestimate how harmful the sun can be when it comes to skin care. No matter your skin type, it is recommended to use sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 whenever you go out.

Excessive exposure to the sun can cause wrinkles and leathery skin, and your skin will find it harder to repair itself as you age. Your dermatologist will also tell you that too much sun exposure can increase your chances of getting skin cancer. All in all, it is always better to limit your time in the sunshine and to wear sunscreen when you are out and about.

Avoiding Acne

Exercising regularly, eating healthier food, and keeping your face clean are three solid tips for clearing up acne-related problems. Experts also recommend getting enough sleep, drinking plenty of water, and doing your best to prevent stress. Not only will these practices help you achieve clearer skin, but they minimize the risk of becoming sick, depressed, or overweight, as well.

Can’t seem to find a solution that works? Consult with your dermatologist to figure out some better options that are specific to your needs. They can recommend products and procedures based on your skin type and on what techniques you have already tried. Be honest and open and, in no time, your skin will look clean, clear, and smooth.

Be Gentle

Many assume that when they invest in lots of strong skin care products and apply them often, they will be well on their way to healthier skin in no time. Unfortunately, these kinds of practices can put a big toll on your skin’s wellbeing. Keeping your skin clean and well-moisturized is important, but only in moderation.

Talk to you dermatologist to see what they recommend, based on your skin type. All in all, limiting shower time, avoiding strong products, patting your face dry (rather than rubbing it), and using a sharp razor on well-lubricated skin while shaving are all good things to implement into your daily routine.

If all else fails, there are lots of educated dermatologists and skin care specialists that are ready and willing to help you out. Get the care and attention you deserve today.

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