Are You Taking Enough Time For Mental Health?

Shoulder heat wrap

Let’s face it, modern life is stressful. We go to work than than work again, it can seem like and endless feedback loop. If you have young children that can add to your already overbooked schedule. These everyday stresses are so common, sometime we forger that we need to take some time ourselves. Not only can stress make your more inefficient at your job and with your family life, but it can also lead to high blood pressure cardiac problems and premature aging. In recent medical reports it has shown that companies that have over worked and over stressed employees actually suffer from lower productivity. In fact, 2 out of 3 employees state that there work and job responsibilities add significantly to their stress level. Of these employees 1 in 4 have reported calling off of work because stress related mental conditions. Because of studies such as this many companies are investing ways to reduce the stress of their employees and in turn increase efficiency. If you feel like your are over stressed at home or work, maybe it is time to figure out an effective way to unwind. Below are some ideas to help you decompress before the stress leads to more serious problems.

Take Me Time At Regular Intervals During the Day

Think back to when you were a child and you got cranky, what was the first thing your parents did? More than likely they put you down for a quick nap. It’s much the same when you are an adult. Now, of course most of us can’t choose to take a nap in our office, unless you are Don Draper or work at a start up tech company, but you still can take some time to just relax. During the day set aside five minute intervals every couple of hours to just sit back and refocus. Studies show that stepping back from your work can actually make you more productive and reduce the possibility of getting tunnel vision when working on certain tasks.

Use Microwaveable Lavender Heat Packs to Reduce Muscle Stress

Sometimes when we are working hard on a task we can easily forget how much we are tensing our muscles. This can lead to muscle aches and even headaches. If your work makes you tense, consider keeping a heated neck wrap handy. There are several microwavable neck wraps and even microwavable neck pillows that you can easily keep in your drawer in order to relieve the stress while you still tackle your work. If you need a little bit extra relaxation, look into purchasing a lavender heat pack. Lavender heat packs have been show to help reduce stress, not only because of the heat, but also the smell of lavender has a calming effect on most people. If you might have an allergy to lavender heat pack, there are other types of aromatherapy neck pillows that can help lower your stress level and bolster your mood while you are working hard trying to finish a project.

It is Important to Keep Things in Perspective

Sometimes it can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel especially when you are busy looking down at your computer. The best stress reduction technique is to take stock of all the things you have accomplished and all the people that care about you. Your work should not be the end all be all in your life. Once we lose focus of the things that really matter like health and family, it will only lead to more stress. In the end you have to evaluate if all the pain and suffering you are putting yourself worth missing out on moments spent with your loved ones and new experiences that can be gained from interacting with people. There is an old story about a millionaire lying on his deathbed. He had spent his entire life working to make his millions and in that time he solely focused on gaining wealth at the expense of family and friends. When a reporter asked him the best way to become rich, he simply responded, invest in people, not money. As the old saying goes money is not everything, it really can’t buy love.

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