Athletes and Sports Injuries; How to Keep Your Body In Shape

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Athletes are looked up into our world today. They are seen as heroes to some and as having the greatest job to many. However, the unseen side of many sports is the wear and tear and the likeliness of injury that it can place onto an athletes body. Many athletes are forced to retire their careers early because of the effect that the sport has taken on their bodies. Many are left with knee, ankle, hip, shoulder or many other injuries. But, how does an athlete know when it is a problem? How do they know when to consult an orthopedist?

We carry approximately four to six times of our body weight across the ankle joint when climbing upstairs or walking steep inclines. This number is increased even more when the athlete is running or making abrupt movements, as they do in many popular sports. About 60% of all foot and ankle injuries, reported by the U.S. population of those older than 17, were sprains and strains of the ankle. These sprains and strains can lead to even worse injuries if they are not taken care of by a sports medicine doctor or a general orthopedics doctor. Athletes should be seeing their physicians any time pain persists in any area of their body. It is also a good idea to visit their physician if they suffered a blow or a hard fall during their sport. Back pain is also a warning sign to be aware of. While experts estimate that as many as 80% of the population will experience a back problem at some time in our lives; each back injury and pain condition should be carefully looked at and then monitored by a specialized physician.

Many athletes might neglect seeing a physician for fear of orthopedic knee surgery or any other type of necessary surgery. However today, when orthopedic knee surgery or other types of surgery are needed, there are minimally invasive spine procedures available. These knee surgery options allow a quicker surgery time and a much faster recovery time for the athlete. They also carry much less risk, making them an appealing option for surgery when orthopedic knee surgery is needed.

Athletes endure a lot of wear and tear to their bodies on a daily basis. Games can be gruesome and tough, and practices can be various repetitive damage done to the body. It is important that an athlete pay attention to their bodies and to their health. It is important that they monitor any current pains and problems with their body. It is also a good idea to keep in touch with their physician and to make regular check-up visits with them. Athletes can ensure their health and prolong their sport career when taking the proper steps to ensure their body is in great shape.

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