Benefits of Exercise

What does it mean to be well or to seek out some better form of health? What is health anyway and how does it compare to wellness? Are they the same? Well the history and potential future of health are both incredibly interesting and fraught with complications. To start, no one is quite sure what a healthy human body looks like. This is mostly because what is healthy for one person might not be healthy for another and vice versa. Health is such a nebulous concept that every time we try to pin it down, it gets away from us a little bit. It is constantly changing and evolving to meet the new demands of our world. But let’s look at the basics. We have no idea what so called baseline humans were like physiologically. If we’re going to look at health we can start there but the problem is that there isn’t much there to start with. We actually know very little about how our early ancestors lived and what could be considered a natural state of fitness or a natural diet. We do know that early humans were likely in great shape due to hunting, gathering and the general exercise that came with being in constant motion. Well, actually, the idea of being in shape is a bit of misnomer in this regard because, back then, there was no such thing as being in shape. Being in shape is an incredibly useful too nowadays in our increasingly sedentary and artificial world, one where we’re constantly being encouraged to move slower and do less. Back then, if you were sedentary for any length of time, you were likely in big trouble. Natural diets, in this case, are even more misleading because there’s no one type of diet that works for everyone. A lot of people ask the question what is the healthiest diet for people to eat? What is the ideal weight for people to be at? And the answer seems to be largely that its an extremely individualistic process that is incredibly hard to generalize. We know that humans are omnivores and eat both plants and animals. Through that specific lens, the answer seems to be whatever we can easily digest is the best diet for us. Beyond not eating eight cheeseburgers every day, the answers to these questions still elude us. But that was fitness, such as it was, back then. What about today?
Fitness Studio Software, Gyms, and the Fitness Today
One of the bastions of today’s fitness world is the gym, a ubiquitous installation you can find in pretty much any town around the world. Reduced to its basic historical components, gyms are pretty much places where we go to simulate the work that our ancestors had to do to survive thousands of years ago. Since we no longer have to do that work, thank you general progress, we need a space where we can lift and run and jump. Motion is good for humans and seems to have always been. We at least know this much. Most gyms have gotten cheaper also and are becomingly increasingly better run, with fitness studio software, gym management software, proper health club management, health club software that can run gyms safer and more smoothly than ever before. Fitness studio software is all well and good and helps a lot but what is the best way for you to interact with your gym? How do you stay in the best shape for you and you specifically? How do we stay as fit as our ancestors must have been by necessity? Well the answer is, again, highly individualistic and depends on your goals. Some people go to the gym to increase cardiovascular strength and train their endurance. Others go to just lose a few pounds and fit into their clothes better. Some want stronger arms, others want to get better at soccer or impress a significant other. With fitness studio software and safety nets in many gyms, all of this is easier than before but it does require the individual person to put in the effort and find the time. Long as you do that, you will be on your way to a healthier, stronger, fitter you.

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