Breathe In Understanding the Benefits of Hyberbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric chamber side effects

Receiving a cancer diagnosis can be utterly devastating news, and can turn your whole world upside down. During that moment, you’re likely to experience a rush of several emotions, including panic, fear, sadness, confusion, and uncertainty in regards to the future.

Fortunately, however, advances in medical technology and treatments, as well as increased knowledge of exactly how cancer affects the body means that a cancer diagnosis is no longer a death sentence.

Americans are more health conscious now than they have ever been. As Americans continue to become more health conscious, alternative ad holistic medical treatments, such as hyperbaric chambers, have become more and more mainstream.

In addition, medicinal practices from far eastern countries such as Reiki, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Ayurveda — all of which have been practiced for thousands of year — are being used in conjunction with traditional treatments for cancer in order to yield a better prognosis. The same applies to treatments for strokes and/or treatments for arthritis. But the question is, do they really work? The answer is yes, and quite well.

So what is mild hyperbaric therapy? Hyperbaric oxygen therapy involves breathing 100% pure oxygen — the air in which we breathe is not pure oxygen but also contains other gases — while under increased atmospheric pressure. The increased pressure, which is two and a half times greater than normal atmospheric pressure, allows the oxygen to penetrate and absorb into the body’s tissues. In turn, this promotes healing by reducing inflammation and reliving pain.

Hyperbaric oxygen chambers were first developed by the United States military during the 1940s in order to treat deep sea divers suffering from decompression sickness. Fast forward to today, and 13 uses for hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy have been cleared by the FDA.

By merging traditional treatments for cancer with other alternative and more holistic therapies, cancer patients are now able to enjoy a greater quality of life during treatment, and are able to go on to live healthier, longer lives.

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