Buyer Beware Why Not All Skin Care Products Are Created Equal

Private label lotion manufacturers

You’ve probably heard that saying that warns you become what you eat — which is true — but did you know you can become what you apply to your skin? It’s often been said that beauty is not only skin deep, but comes from within. While this is often a reference to the quality of one’s character or personality, it can be apply to the multi-billion dollar skin care industry.

Just walk down any skin care aisle at a department, drug, or grocery store, and you’re likely to see a number of products all promising to deliver glowy, healthy, and smooth skin. Ironically, the majority of these products can often worsen the condition. Many of the ingredients found in these inexpensive and low quality products have not only been proven ineffective, but more importantly, harmful if not cancerous. For example, parabens are a kind of cheap preservative used in a variety of skin care products. Unfortunately, prolonged exposure to and use of parabens have also been linked to cancer.

On the other hand, professional cosmetic solutions for skin care, such as those made by private label skin care manufacturers, contain potent yet safe ingredients such as antioxidants, retinol, and peptides that have been known to forestall the signs of aging and dramatically improve the condition of one’s skin. While these professional skin care products may seem expensive, they are well worth the cost. After all, the value of your health is priceless.

Did you that much of what you apply to your skin is absorbed into your body and bloodstream? This is just one of many reasons why using only professional cosmetic solutions for skin care is so important. Many inexpensive products contain ingredients such as petrolatum, mineral oil, and various kinds of silicone to feign the appearance of soft, smooth skin, however, these products can potentially be harmful both to your skin and your overall health. On the other hand, high end private label cosmetics can improve both your skin and your health over time.

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