How Can I Improve Range Of Motion Testing At My Practice?

When your patients have pain or difficulty moving, it’s up to you to perform a series of tests to determine what your patient’s limitations are. These tests are important because they tell you what types of exercises and therapies may help to improve your patient’s condition.

There are three types of range of motion exercises: passive, active, and active assists. But before you can recommend these exercises, you need to determine where your patient is having difficulty moving.

Flexibility testing

Flexibility is the body’s ability to move in expected ways. Inflammation or injuries can limit the muscles and joints from working together. This can reduce movement and flexibility.

Flexibility testing can be conducted on any part of the body. You may test the hamstring by seeing how far your patient’s straightened leg can go toward their shoulders when they’re lying down. You may also test the arm and shoulder by seeing if your patient can reach behind their back without pain.

Strength testing

Strength testing involves asking your patient to move a certain way while you apply some resistance to their movement. For instance, you might check for a leg or hip condition by asking your patient to sit on a table and extend their knees open.

While the patient extends their knee, they press as hard as possible while you press back against the joint. This will determine if there’s any weakness in the area.

Range of motion assessment tools and software

It can be tricky to determine if your patient’s range of motion using just strength testing and flexibility testing alone. That’s where range of motion assessment tools and software come in.

Dual inclinometry range of motion testing offers the ability to capture compound spinal range of motion data, which is recommended by the American Medical Association. JTECH Medical provides range of motion software and inclinometers that are wireless and lightweight for fast, reliable testing.

Looking for ROM and physical therapy equipment to improve your practice?

Chronic inflammation affects millions of Americans every year. In the U.S. alone, arthritis and joint diseases, one common type of chronic inflammation, affects 43 million people. Globally, it affects 350 million people.

Inflammation can significantly impact the range of motion. The good news is that, with the right functional assessment tools and physical therapy equipment, you can determine where your patients need the most assistance.

JTECH Medical Industries offers a wide variety of range of motion testing solutions, muscle strength testing equipment, and physical therapy equipment. To learn more about our products, contact JTECH Medical Industries today.

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