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Heart Disease In The United States Among Women And Men

Womens health services are hugely important in the United States – and, indeed, no matter where you go in the world. Womens health services are critical, as women do not always present with the same symptoms as men for similar conditions. Unfortunately, because of this women are far too underdiagnosed with many conditions, and many […]

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Do Urgent Care Clinics Make Primary Care Doctors Unnecessary? The Answer May Surprise You

There is an increasing number of urgent care facilities and emergency walk in clinics. The question has to be raised, is there a need for family care physicians any more? Urgent Care There is a definite benefit in an after hours urgent care clinic. Sadly, sickness and accidents can strike at any time. Having a […]

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Why are Hospitals Looking to Get Into the Urgent Care Game?

According to the Wall Street Journal, many traditional health care providers are becoming increasingly interested in being a part of the urgent care market. Why? Over the past two years, many well known insurance companies and hospital chains have been quietly buying up urgent care centers as many of these centers go up for sale […]