Chronic Pain Takes On Many Forms Reducing Your Symptoms With The Aid Of A Physical Therapist

Chronic pain is a reality for most people today.

It takes on many forms, some you are likely already familiar with. Moderate lower back pain can keep you from falling asleep at night, leaving you grouchy and foggy come morning. Severe wrist pain can all but eliminate your favorite hobbies. One way or another, chronic pain never seems to quit. If you’re growing fed up with your symptoms and need a little advice, the list below might just give you that leg up you’ve been needing.

What is sciatica pain? Can you reduce your chronic lower back pain symptoms? It’s time to get some answers.

Chronic Pain Around The World

It seems like everyone’s danced with chronic pain at some point. Experts have estimated up to 80% of the population will experience some form of back pain in their lifetime. When it comes to worldwide statistics, as many as one and a half billion people suffer from minor to severe chronic pain. Sciatica is among the most common type of pain, with up to 40% of all adults experiencing it during their lifetime. Whatever kind of pain you’ve been struggling with can be seen by a doctor and treated in due time.

Lower Back Pain Is The Most Common

What makes lower back pain such a common issue these days? While hip pain, knee pain, and wrist pain are widespread, lower back pain seems to be a staple of many people’s lives. It’s thought that posture can actively make lower back pain worse, such as constantly hunching or slouching. It’s not just those living sedentary lifestyles that should be concerned, however. Improperly lifting weights and even the wrong kind of hiking shoes can contribute to back pain.

Lifestyle And Diet Can Be Factors

It’s important to get to the root cause of chronic pain so you can enjoy a higher quality of life. Those that don’t exercise much should consider signing up for a gym membership or trying yoga, as sedentary lifestyles are shown to have a direct link to back pain. Your diet can also play a part, too. It’s estimated one out of three Americans today is obese, with extra weight putting additional strain on your muscles that can lead to chronic pain. A study asking chronic pain sufferers about their quality of life found 60% stating they felt their condition compromised their freedom.

Physical Therapy Can Reduce Your Symptoms

Foot pain, joint pain, sciatica…physical therapy can treat them all. The function of a physical therapist is to provide you both pain relief and positive life habits. This includes, but is not limited to, stretching, massages, dietary changes, exercise routines, and minimally invasive surgery. One in every four Americans today suffers from a form of pain that lasts longer than 24 hours, with millions more suffering from acute pain. Imagine what a trip to a physical therapist’s office could do for you.

Disc Treatment And Minor Surgery Could Help

Chronic pain has a tendency to just get worse. Instead of turning to your heating pad and popping Tylenol, consider reaching out to a physical therapist and asking for a consultation. They’ll look over your family history, any past accidents, and your symptoms to formulate a plan that works. The National Institute Of Health Statistics found lower back pain to be the most common among respondents at 25%, with migraines and neck pain following close behind. No matter what kind you have, medical help will be the best step you’ve taken.

Chronic pain doesn’t have to be your day-to-day life. Ask a physical therapist how they can reduce your sciatica symptoms this year.

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