Constant Aching, Stiff Muscles Are Not Normal Signs You Should Be Visiting A Physical Therapist This Year

Chronic pain can sometimes feel like the only guarantee on the journey of life.

Developing the onset of arthritis from typing for hours on end five times a week. Lower back pain growing worse as you get older and making previously simple tasks major chores. It seems like chronic pain follows everyone, sooner or later, and there’s little you can do about it. This is where an experienced physical therapist comes into play. From manual therapy twice a week to signing you up for minimally invasive surgery, your resources to manage chronic pain and eventually kick it to the curb are numerous. All you need to do is learn more about where it comes from in the first place.

Physical therapy can restore your previous movement and reduce your pain. Here’s how.

The Definition Of Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is one of the best tools you can use to fight minor to severe chronic pain. It’s a series of intensive motions, check-ups and activities that reduce stiff muscles, increase mobility and provide much-needed stress relief. For some it takes the form of trips to the local massage parlor, while others might sign up for yoga or a personal therapist. When it comes to physical therapy after an accident, the goal of hospital rehabilitation is to provide the eventual goal of helping an individual care for themselves for three hours or more per day.

Physical Therapy As An Industry

The physical therapy industry is doing well. That’s because more Americans are finding themselves struggling with the pain of a stiff back or aching wrists alongside an already packed workweek. The Bureau Of Labor Statistics recently estimated that employment opportunities for physical therapists will grow by an impressive 35% between 2012 and 2022. This is much faster than average for many other similar occupations and good news for anyone who is thinking of hiring a physical therapist for regular back pain treatment.

Common Forms Of Chronic Pain In America

Are you worried about developing tennis elbow or are you convinced you have a bad case of hip pain? Whichever form of chronic pain is ruling your life, rest easy knowing there is a pain management center ready to help. Lower back pain is among the most common forms of chronic pain in the country, affecting as many as 35 million working adults at any given point in time. Knee pain, hip pain and wrist pain are also widespread. Back in 2011 just 11 million adults took advantage of outpatient physical therapy services.

Frequent Causes Of Chronic Pain Issues

One of your biggest barriers toward a life with reduced pain is digging down to the root of the issue. Some chronic pain is caused by a car accident or sports injury, while others can be made worse by repetitive motion or poor posture. The most ancient form of modern physical therapy dates all the way back to 460 BC when Hector and Hippocrates (considered the founder of medicine as a form of science) used hydrotherapy. Alongside massage water therapy was considered a useful way of relaxing a person’s musculature and helping them breathe easier, among other purposes.

What To Expect From A Physical Therapist

You’ve decided you need neck pain treatments to help you sleep better and work harder. Not only do you need to find the right physical therapist, you also need to devote yourself fully to your course of treatment. A recent study found just 35% of physical therapy patients will actually adhere to their plans of care, putting them in a bad spot to reap the full benefits of attentive medical care. This means going to every session, taking advantage of heat therapy resources and making sure you maintain good working or home life habits.

A joint pain specialist or back pain specialist can change the way you approach your life. Reach out to a physical therapist today and put yourself on the road to recovery today.

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