Get the Most from Your PiYo Program with These 5 Tips

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Americans face an obesity epidemic. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends adults get about two and a half hours of aerobic exercise every week. They add that people should include strength training that incorporates all of their muscle groups at least two days a week. Only 20% of adults in the United States get that much activity. Getting the right amount of physical activity can greatly reduce your chances of developing heart disease, Diabetes and a host of other health problems that are often caused or worsened by not being active enough. Many people have a number of reasons for wanting to lose weight. PiYo is the combination of pilates and yoga. Its program combines a workout and diet regimen. The combination of the PiYo workout and PiYo meal planner has helped countless people across the country lose weight and get healthy.

Here Are Some Tips to Get Your Started with the PiYo Program.

  1. The PiYo program is just a tool. There is never going to an any one “end all, be all” solution to your fitness and health needs and issues. You should use this system as it is best for you. You may see other people doing things one way and you find their way does not work as well for you. Fret not! This program is flexible and adaptable to people at all fitness levels. Pilates and yoga both provide you will tools for strength training and flexibility. If you find that you also enjoy running, body building or just are an elite athlete, you can incorporate aspects of the PiYo fitness plan with the PiYo meal planner. Similarly, if you are either new to working out or are getting back into it after a long time away, the PiYo workout plan can help get you (back) into the swing of things fitness wise. The PiYo meal planner is great for people at all levels of health and fitness.
  2. Be comfortable. You may think it is a given that people should wear comfortable clothes when they work out but not everyone thinks about this. You need the clothes you wear to work and move with you as you do the PiYo program. The moves do involve a lot of stretching and you do not want to be limited by what you are wearing.
  3. If you want, you can skip the shoes. Unlike other kinds of workouts, PiYo does not need any kind of special footwear. If you do any running, or ever have, you know the importance of having the right kind of shoes. Most weight bearing workouts require you to wear the appropriate shoes to protect your feet. For most PiYo workouts, you will have an easier time if you do not have any shoes on at all. Some people are not comfortable showing off their bare feet so talk to the studio if they ask you to take off your shoes and you do not want to.
  4. In the PiYo program, the goal is not to make you suffer. If you have been to any workout program or gyn, you have probably seen or heard the phrase “No pain, no gain.” That is not a part of the PiYo philosophy nor is the idea that you have to starve yourself a part of the PiYo meal planner. This is not to say that you will not be challenged, you will be but it is not going to be the kind of challenge that leads you to collapse. This is not about pain, it is about a workout plan and diet that give you an awesome beach body.
  5. Starvation is not the goal. It is true that the “secret” to weight loss is to use more calories than you take it but that does not mean you have to starve to do that. In fact, the PiYo meal planner recognizes the fact that when you eat too few calories, your body goes into a starvation mode, your metabolism plummets and you gain weight easier.

Many people across the United States want to lose weight but need some help getting into a plan. The PiYo plan, with the diet and work outs, can help.

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