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Physical therapy activities

Research shows that in the United States, about 30 million children and teenagers play sports on some kind of organized team. Among those 30 million individuals, there are more than 3.5 million injuries a year. These injuries are not only painful but debilitating, causing players to have to take a break from playing the sport they love.

While it has been found that children ages 5-14 make up roughly 40% of sports-related injuries resulting in hospital visits, the rate and severity of these injuries usually increases with age.

Children are prone to sports-related injuries, but anyone at any age can experience a sports-related injury. Looking into a sports physical therapy program can be a great way to help recover from debilitating sports injuries or surgeries, letting you get back on the field or court in a healthy condition.

Things You Should Know About Sports Physical Therapy:

  • In essence, the field of physical therapy helps to restore a person’s best ability to function. Physical therapists work with their clients to minimize physical impairment and functional limitations. They may also help people with disabilities. In the case of sports physical therapy, physical therapists help patients to recover from injuries and to get them back on their feet to play again without pain or further injury.
  • Sports injuries can be classified into two major categories: acute injuries and chronic injuries. Acute injuries happen all of a sudden when one is playing or exercising, whereas chronic injuries are the result of playing sports or working out for a long period of time. Physical therapists work to help people recover from both kinds of injuries.
  • Knee injuries are the most commonly seen injury in the world of sports. Knee injuries can be quite serious, with research showing that those who suffer sports-induced knee injuries are six times more likely to develop osteoarthritis and have to have joint replacements. Physical therapy can help to heal knees — and other body parts — and prevent further troubles like osteoarthritis down the road.

Many people are often worried about entering physical therapy, wondering “is physical therapy hard?” The honest answer is that it varies for everyone. Peoples’ bodies heal at different rates and some injuries may be more difficult to overcome.

Physical therapy activities for back pain are one of the trickier areas in terms of how hard the therapy is. The back is a very sensitive, important area and many pain management activities are used in physical therapy activities for back pain. More physical therapy activities for back pain may include stretching, aerobic conditioning and strengthening exercises. These treatments can also be used for a variety of other injuries.

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