Getting in Shape with Fitness Gear

Basic health is a universal concern, and there are all kinds of ordinary, affordable ways in which a person can maintain proper health. For example, any adolescent or adult can keep their weight under control and improve nutrition with regular exercise and a proper diet, and there are all kinds of options for this to suit any person’s needs. Fitness stores are a good place to start, and they offer exercise equipment of all kinds, from jump ropes to medicine balls to dumbbells and the right workout clothes. There are all kinds of health benefits to visiting fitness stores and using the equipment purchased there, but a good diet is essential, too.

Proper Exercise

Depending on age, disability, and even their sex, a person’s exercise needs will vary, as will their safe limits. Fortunately, there are all kinds of guidelines for how much exercise a person should get, and anyone who wants to exercise more can consult his or her physician to get some ideas. For example, for the sake of cardiovascular health, the Cleveland Clinic urges Americans to perform 30 minutes of moderate physical activities five days per week (or 2.5 hours per week). Unfortunately, under 5% of all American adults perform 30 minutes of exercise daily, and just one in three meets the weekly quota. Similar guidelines exist for children, who need proper exercise to maintain a good weight, develop their brains, and get better sleep. Many children and adolescents are falling short, often because they spend so much time using electronic screens indoors or while walking around.

The good news is that anyone can decide to start exercising at any time, and once a person consults their doctor, they can design an exercise regimen that will fulfill all their needs and be safe for their body. Sports stores and fitness stores are a fine place to start, since they offer everything a customer needs to get active. Most fitness stores include clothes for working out, from tough sneakers to shorts to shirts with breathable fabric, not to mention sweatbands. In addition, these retailers typically include DVD programs that demonstrate how to exercise properly. The equipment itself may include dumbbells to lift, jump ropes, medicine balls, treadmills, and the like. Exercise can be done both indoors and outdoors, such as doing jumping jacks and pushups inside to going for a jog, run, or brisk walk at a local park. And, of course, swimming is a great form of exercise at public pools (or a private backyard pool). Martial arts classes will also work out all muscles of a participant’s body, while teaching self-defense and new skills. Taking sports lessons and forming a casual team for basketball, soccer, and rugby will work well too, and it’s a lot of fun.

Proper Diet

A good exercise regimen is most effective when paired with a healthy diet, and here again, many Americans are falling short. Often, Americans are eating a great deal of fast food and highly processed food, which has a lot of added sugars, fats, and oils, which adds up fast and often leads to obesity. So, anyone interested in weight loss should consult their doctor and a nutritionist, and devise a new diet that is nutritious and won’t aggravate any outstanding health issues. This means cutting out all fast food and processed food (which should prove easy), and then replacing it all with better, more wholesome and organic foods.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are an obvious choice, and most Americans don’t consume their required intake of these foods. But they can be found at any grocery store or farmer’s market, and they are typically cheaper than meats anyway. As for protein, beans and lean meat like chicken and fish are strong options, and dairy needs can be met with milk, yogurt, and cheese. Grains are trickier; white bread and rice are enriched, but that’s not a good thing; nutritionally, they are empty calories. Darker, whole wheat breads and brown rice are better, and carbohydrates should be limited in the diet. Often, Americans eat more carbohydrates than they’re meant to, so a proper diet will scale back carbs somewhat. They are still an essential part of a good diet, though, when they’re whole grain.

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