Getting to Know the Steps in the Common Breast Lift Procedure

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Pick your favorite celebrity breast augmentation story. Now ask yourself, how many of those procedures were done on actresses who had just recently become new mothers? The “Mommy Makeover” — a combination breast augmentation/breast lift and tummy tuck — has become quite the surgical popular trend not just in Hollywood, but nationwide. And according to the latest statistics from American Society of Plastic Surgery, breast lifts are actually now even outnumbering breast augmentations at a rate of 2 to 1.

But why? For one thing, it could have something to do with the specifics of the processes. Breast augmentation seeks to give the woman a larger breast using either saline or silicone implants, though not much can be done about the changing the overall shape. Breast lift procedures, on the other hand, don’t change the size at all, instead opting for a revamping of the shape (including subtle changes made to the nipple and areola regions as well).

If you can’t quite picture it, try to find a plastic surgery message board or social sharing site online where women who’ve undergone the procedure can post their own breast lift pictures for you to see. Or just continue reading to find out what exactly entails a breast lift surgery.

Step 1. Going under with anesthesia.

Because this is a serious operation, you’ll need to be under for the duration. Doctors will likely offer you the choice of receiving intravenous anesthesia or general anesthesia that you breathe. The kind of anesthesia you receive always depends upon the patient and is ultimately at the surgeon’s discretion.

Step 2. Making the incision.

There are three different types of incisions typically made during breast lift procedures: around the areola, around the areola then vertically down and around the areola then horizontally along the breast crease. You can find more breast lift pictures online and see the kinds of incisions that you’ll have to work from should you elect to have the procedure.

Step 3. Performing the reshaping.

Once the incisions have been made, the surgeon will lift the underlying tissue in order to reshape it and pull the skin tighter. This results in a more youthful appearance of the breast, and often the nipple will be re-positioned in order to complement the skin changes. At times, excess skin will also be removed to compensate for a loss of elasticity.

Step 4. Closing the incision and recovering.

Undergoing breast lift surgery is a bit like having breast implants without too many of the physical restrictions long after the procedure. For the full scope of what your recovery is bound to be like, always talk it through with your surgeon before you go under the knife.

There are many benefits of breast augmentation and breast lifts, the most notable of which perhaps involves the woman’s sex life. One recent poll showed that women who’ve undergone both procedures experienced a 34% average increase in their satisfaction post-surgery. Of course, these decisions shouldn’t be made lightly, so talk to your physician — and look at as many breast lift pictures as you can — before you decide what’s right for you. Good references here:

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