Gymnastics Mats Aren’t Just For Gymnasts

Gymnastics mats are something you may not think to keep around the house; however, they have a variety of uses that you might not realize right off the bat!

What Gymnastics Mats Can Be Used For

Gymnastics mats aren’t just for gymnasts, in fact they can be used for a variety of activities!

  • Exercise. Exercises that require a lot of floor work can be difficult on hard floors. Gymnastics pads help cushion your body so you can earn some gains, without earning a sore back as well.
  • Yoga. If you’ve always wanted to try yoga, but find that your floor isn’t cooperating, interlocking floor mats can help. Because you’re able to fit multiple mats together, you’ll have a wider space to work on without having to worry about rolling off onto the hard floor when a pose doesn’t pan out.
  • Children. If you have a playroom for your children, a fun idea is to cover the floor with interlocking gymnastics mats. This not only helps prevent injuries, but it can also had a fun splash of color! Kids can then run, play, and practice their tumbling skills without having to worry about nasty falls or rug burn.
  • Hobbies. Speaking of kids, these mats also come in handy with older kids. If they take up hobbies like martial arts, cheer leading, or gymnastics, these mats will allow them to practice at home, just like they would in class. If set up in a designated room, it can even lower the chance of household damage from misplaced kicks.

Types Of Gymnastic Mats

Aside from individual interlocking floor mats, there are a wide variety of additional mats that are available.

  • Panel Mats. Panel mats are widely used in both gyms and homes, They are versatile and can easily be folded up and stored when not in use. Typically these mats have Velcro along their sides so that more mats can easily be added, depending on how much space is needed.
  • Cartwheel Mats. These mats are great options for beginning gymnastics in particular. This type is designed to practice the correct method for cartwheels, handstands, and handstand rolls. As an added benefit some of these mats also have a beam option that allows gymnasts to practice balance skills while securely on the ground.
  • Flex-Roll Mats. These mats are designed to mimic the feeling of a competition room floor, only without the springs. This allows gymnasts to get a feel for the floor they’ll be competing on, without needed to leave home. These mats are also easy to store, just roll them up, and tuck them away!
  • Incline Mats. Incline mats are perfect for those just learning forward or backwards rolls; however, for advanced skills a larger mat would be preferred. This type of mat also helps a gymnast learn body awareness without putting too much stress on their bodies.

By and large for at home, multi-purpose uses the panel mat reigns supreme. Not only is it easy to store, but it can also be expanded upon depending on how much room you need. Whether you’re practicing gymnastics skills, yoga poses, or Pilates, this type of mat will serve you well.

Gymnastics mats are something many people don’t consider the benefits of having in their homes; however, the above just goes to show the variety of uses they can have. If you want to reap the benefits of exercising floor work at home, or practice yoga outside of the studio, these mats can help prevent unnecessary pains, and help you better enjoy your hobbies and workouts.

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