Hair Clinics Restore Hair and Confidence

There are many reasons you may be experiencing hair loss. While different environmental factors may accelerate hair loss and balding, typical hair loss in an active phase can take from 10 to 20 years as hair continues to miniaturize and thin before balding stops. Have you already noticed your hairline receding? Is your hair thinning on top? If so, it is very important to take necessary steps and visit a hair clinic to address your hair loss problems. A hair loss doctor like Dr. Mohebi can assist you in finding treatments such as a fue hair transplant or another type of customized hairline treatment that promotes hair growth.

Take action early when it comes to hair loss. The earlier you seek hair loss treatment the better the chances are that you will be able to keep more hair. Nearly all hair loss is treatable. A hair clinic can put together a protocol for hair loss prevention that fits you perfectly.

The Benefits of Visiting a Hair Clinic

Hair loss happens due to a wide variety of reasons including stress. Have you been lacking vitamins and minerals in your diet? That can lead to thinning, weak hair. Some skin conditions can even cause hair loss as well as lack of sleep and certain medications. Physicians at a hair clinic can identify the root cause of the problem and quickly offer treatments for it so you can stop losing hair. They are also capable of informing patients concerning the effects of medications and what can be expected from treatments. Treatments can include hair surgery, hair transplant, harvesting hair and more.

Different tests will be conducted to help determine the cause of your hair loss. A lot of physicians at a hair clinic use blood tests to test for thyroid disease, which causes thinning hair and loss. They may also want to conduct a scalp biopsy to identify infections and skin conditions that cause hair loss too.

Seeing a hair doctor means you are going to get an expert’s opinion backed up by trustworthy medical data. The moment you noticed thinning or receding hair, you need to go to a hair clinic and speak with a hair doctor. Early signs that are detected should not be ignored.

Watch for Early Signs of Hair Loss

If you are not 100% certain you are losing hair but suspect that you are, check several photos that are a few years apart. Do you see any visual changes in hair thickness of your hair line? Have you noticed common signs of balding? The sooner you go to a San Francisco hair clinic the sooner you can deal with any hair loss in a positive and healthy manner.

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