Has Your Chiropractor Recommended That You See a Massage Therapist?

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It is barely a week before the last meet of the season and you are getting absolutely no relief from the pain in your back. As the state gymnastics meet approaches you are struggling to find a way to work out and improve the consistency of your series on the balance beam, but the back pain is keeping you from getting in enough repetitions. Although your physical therapist has been doing everything he can to work through the tight muscles, even he is suggesting that you try to get yourself scheduled for a sports massage.
Whether you are a young athlete or an older adult with muscle tightness, working with a therapist who can provide sports massage treatments can get you back on track toward your goals. If you suffer from chronic pain or tension, or you would like to improve your physical and emotional well being, working with personal trainers, chiropractors, or other health professionals is often recommended.
Almost all patients who have a deep tissue massage find this kind of therapy helpful. More specifically, 92% agree that massage can be effective in reducing pain. A medical massage session may last anywhere from 15 to 90 minutes, depending on the type of massage you want and how much time you have.
Many massage therapy referrals come from chiropractic offices. More than other sources, chiropractors see a sports massage as a follow-up therapy that benefits patients with chronic back pain and other conditions. While 13% of respondents report receiving deep tissue massage therapy referrals at least once per week, another 24% receive referrals several times per month. Like many other therapy treatments, your schedule often determines how often you can take advantage of appointments.
While all patients can benefit from massage therapy, athletes find visits to a massage therapy specialist especially helpful because:

  • Sports massage increases flexibility. If an athlete wants to maintain optimal performance, he or she must have a high degree of flexibility. Massage therapy stretches the muscle fibers, promoting and maintaining flexibility.
  • Sports massage improves circulation. Better circulation means an athlete can breath easier and move more smoothly, enhancing performance levels.
  • Sports massage relieves muscle pain. With regular massage therapy sessions, muscle pain can be limited and the athlete can return to regular workouts.
  • Sports massage promotes better sleeping habits and patterns. By taking the time to get regular massages, an athlete can actually increase the quantity and improve the quality of sleep he or she is getting. More sleep means the the athlete is more likely to perform at a top level.
  • Sports massage increases relaxation levels. If an athlete can?t relax, stress begins to interfere with his or her health. Massages help teach athletes to relax their bodies and their minds, improving day to day life.

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