Have you ever Considered Laser Hair Removal?

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Nearly 100% of all women under the age of 30 do some kind of bikini line grooming. Bikini line grooming often includes things like waxing, shaving, and laser hair removal. Shaving is tedious. It has to be kept up all the time for a truly smooth look and feel, and it can cause unsightly bumps and redness, which are just as unattractive as the hair.

Waxing is painful and needs to be done by a professional. While the results are immediate, waxing can also cause red marks and skin irritation. Not to mention it is painful. There is no way around the fact; it hurts to get your bikini line waxed. Plus, if it isn’t done correctly the first time, you may still find yourself having to shave and touch up areas along the bikini line.

Laser hair removal is the most viable option. While more expensive, the results last longer making it cost effective over the long term. While the results are not immediate, they do appear within a few hours and the irritation to the skin is significantly less than other options.

Approximately 60% of people between the ages of 18 and 29 responded in a recent survey that they are interested in trying laser hair removal. The reasons why they haven?t tried it yet may vary from concern to affordability. For some, it may just be that they plan to but have not tried it yet. A lot of people, men and women, are hesitant to try new things.

On average a bikini line hair removal costs $298 per session, and it take three to four hours to start noticing significantly less hair. The results last for months, opposed to hours or weeks like other options. Depending on where you go, you may even be able to get a discount when scheduling multiple appointments or services.

Trying laser hair removal may open you up to a variety of med spa services that will make you feel better about yourself and the way you look. For example, there many people are now trying coolsculpting, which can reduce fat int he treatment area by up to 25% in one visit. Coolsculpting is one of the newest options in weight management that is non-invasive and more affordable than weight loss surgery.

Botox has become a stable in the anti-aging industry. Botox can be injected through a doctor’s office or through a medical spa that offer anti-aging treatments. In additional to evening out fine lines and wrinkles, botox has also been found to help with migraines.

There are many options in skin rejuvenation that you may be interested in. Whether your goal is to look younger or to maintain an already youthful look, you can find what you are looking for. Youthful, radiant skin is one of the top things that people, particular women, say they want to maintain as they get older. The health of the skin, particular around the face and neck is what many feel makes them look older as the skin starts to sag and get wrinkled.

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