Here Are Three Alarming Statistics About Drug Use In The United States

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It is pretty obvious that America has a prescription drug problem. Millions and millions of American also go to AA rehab centers or alcohol detox centers. With 30% of men and almost 15% of women binge drinking in the last month, this is not uncommon. If you family medicine doctor has prescribed you pain killers, you might be in the same boat. You might also be wondering the cost of suboxone treatment to help you get better. The cost of suboxone treatment doesn’t have to be a deterrent to you getting the help you need. Millions of Americans are suffering just like, and here are three facts that prove it.

1. In 2011 there was 18/1 million user of marijuana. This shows just how many people are self medicating to get the pain relief that they need. The fact that this many people are turning to a recreational drug to ease their pain shows that the pain killer industry has failed us as Americans.

2. Drug related hospital visits for the elderly rose 116% from 2004 to 2010. This shows that it is not just the young Americans who are abusing prescription drugs. This is a problem that has invaded all age groups. Any one can be affected by the reach of prescription pain killer addiction. The cost of suboxone treatment can make treatment for this addiction affordable.

3. Almost 9% of the population has tried an illicit drug. This number also tripled over the last decade for those in their 50’s. These alarming numbers only go to show the reader that pain killer addiction is a growing problem. Get treatment if you are suffering from this addiction. The cost of suboxone treatment doesn’t have to keep you from getting help. Research more like this.

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