How Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers are Saving Lives

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One of the biggest problems currently facing society is the rising surge in substance abuse problems. No country or region in the world appears to be immune to its effects, even though everywhere is working to find treatment. Fortunately, different types of drug rehab centers have begun to pop-up that are focused on aiding those fighting unique addictions.

One factor that makes drug abuse so difficult to counteract is how diverse the substances are that people are addicted to. While narcotics are some of the most life threatening drugs, the most widespread substance abuse involves alcohol. Because of its accessibility and relatively accepted use in society, many people easily slip into alcoholism for any number of reasons. This is why alcohol addiction treatment centers have become so prevalent.

Even after many years of study and research into these problems, a long-term fix has still completely evaded specialists. A large portion of this can be attested to the other problems that show a correlation with substance abuse. What many people aren’t aware of is how prevalent these disorders are in those also suffering from mental illness.

It’s been found that people with mental disorders are twice as likely to have an addiction problem as compared to the general population. At least 20% of those with mental illness have some co-occurring narcotic, alcohol, or weed addiction. Similarly, anyone with a substance use problem are up to three times more likely to have an existing mental disorder. More than 15% of individuals with addiction also suffer from mental illness.

While treating someone with both of these issues can be difficult enough on its own, some people may not realize how important it is to get these people involved in drug rehab support or alcohol addiction treatment centers early on. Mental illness has been known to manifest at younger ages, but substance abuse disorders have begun to present themselves earlier in life as well. Young people between the ages of 15 and 24 are more likely to experience a mental and/or substance disorder than any other demographic.

The earlier these individual’s receive treatment, the less likely their chances of relapse will be. Independent drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers have had a lot of experience in helping those suffering from substance abuse and may be their best chance at recovery.

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