How Much Is An Urgent Care Visit? It’s Much, Much Less Than Going To The Emergency Room

How much is an urgent care visit?

It’s less than you’ll pay at the emergency room for the same injury. It’s a cost-effective model that can sustain you when you’re transitioning from one form of insurance or another. It’s a great source of relief if you have no insurance at all and need to cover all the basics. The urgent care system is slowly, but surely becoming one of the preferred methods of primary healthcare in the United States. Able to treat minor to moderate injuries and illnesses, you’ll find yourself doing a lot less work when it comes to keeping your health in the clear.

The entire family will benefit from a trip to a family urgent care or pediatric urgent care model this winter.

What Injuries Are Treated At An Urgent Care Clinic?

It’s scary when your child comes home with a broken ankle or you find yourself unable to drive because of a burn on your hand. When you ask, “How much is an urgent care visit?” you set your family up for success in more ways than one. It’s estimated 25,000 Americans suffer from an ankle sprain every day. Four out of five urgent care centers provide not just treatment for sprained ankles, but on-the-spot fracture care. You can also see burns, cuts, and bruises tended to for a fraction of the cost.

What Illnesses Are Treated At An Urgent Care Clinic?

It’s not just injuries you have to consider, but illnesses. It’s thought Americans collectively come down with one billion colds every year. The population will also see as much as 20% of adults and children catching the flu. Children need to be taught prevention habits like washing their hands and sneezing into the crook of their elbow, as the average child catches between six to 10 colds per year. Migraines, headaches, nausea, the common cold, and the flu can all be tended to at your convenient local urgent health care clinic.

Do Pediatricians Work At Urgent Care Centers?

The urgent care center is a perfect place to bring your child. Not only are they flexible enough to attend to a wide variety of injuries and illnesses, they also have several specialty locations that focus more on children. Your pedi center can provide a calm and relaxing atmosphere while they determine the source of your child’s headaches or assist with a reoccurring ear infection. It’s estimated five out of six children will have at least one ear infection before they turn three, with 40% of kids already having gone through three by the time they’re over three years old.

What About Preventative Care Measures?

Another way to reduce stress during the holiday season is to look into preventative care measures. Getting the flu shot is one of the most important things your family can do. Not only does it drastically reduce you and your children’s likelihood of catching the virus, it also protects other vulnerable portions of the population. You can also look into STD testing and physicals to keep your health on the up and up. According to the Urgent Care Association Of America over three million patients visit urgent care centers every week.

How Much Is An Urgent Care Visit?

The holiday season can be more stressful than enjoyable. Not only are you trying to prepare for all the festivities, you have to take into account sick children and budgeting medical bills. Urgent care services are a wonderful way to mitigate this worry and keep your entire family healthy for a low cost. A private study conducted by Milliman found as many as 65% of all emergency room episodes qualifying for an urgent care visit instead. That can mean the difference between a bill below $200 and a bill exceeding $1,000. Imagine what you could be using that money for instead.

How much is an urgent care visit? When you factor in the amount of time and money you’ll be saving, it’s not very much at all.

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