How to Choose the Best Wheelchair for Patients that Suffer from Multiple Sclerosis

power wheelchairsIf you were to ask people who suffer from Multiple Sclerosis what their biggest concerns are when it comes to their disease, losing their independence is high on the list. That is because MS can make it progressively harder to get around, and using power wheelchairs and scooters gives them mobility when their body is unable.

Wheelchairs are growing in acceptance throughout the country. There are about 2 million new wheelchair users every year with over 3 million wheelchair users in the United States alone. They are used for those with disabling conditions, which account for about 19% of the population.

Multiple Sclerosis is a disease of the central nervous system. Your nervous system is made up of nerve fibers that transport electrical impulses, and these nerve fibers are wrapped in a fatty tissue called myelin. In MS, the myelin becomes inflamed and is slowly destroyed, leaving patches of scar tissue that disrupt the electrical impulses. This nerve damage can lead to lack of balance, among other things.

Choosing a wheelchair for those with MS is dependent largely on your symptoms and condition. It is sensible to do some research before you choose.

Pedal wheelchairs
This is a great option if you have the lower body strength and stamina to get around. This option helps train the legs and rebuild their strength if one leg is weaker than the other.

Manual wheelchairs
This option is ideal if you have the upper body strength to push the rims on the wheels. These chairs are lighter than motorized wheelchairs, and can be easily folded up and transported.

Power wheelchairs
This option offers high-quality seating with long term sitting comfort. Power wheelchairs allow patients who suffer from MS to move within their home and community with ease. They offer different options for those who need to be positioned for trunk control and stability. This includes tilt reclining wheelchairs which are beneficial for people with limited ability to reposition themselves in the chair along with pressure relief from sitting in the chair for too long.

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