How to Keep Your Child Healthy and Safe

Adenoiditis and adenoid hypertrophy

Young children do not always have the same ability to fight off disease and infection as adults do. This is why things like vaccination and prevention are very important for a child. Children are also constantly around other children, not washing or sanitizing their hands often enough which is a common way of spreading further germs and disease. Children are prone to chronic ear problems, a variety of common ENT problems and allergy and sinus infections. A parent needs to take the appropriate steps to prevent disease and infection in their child, as the child does not have the same ability to fight it off and it can lead to more complicated health issues.

Infection and disease in children can lead to vocal cord paralysis, chronic long breathing difficulties and even hear and vision loss. These complications are not only present during young childhood, but even during pregnancy. A mother who is pregnant and gets an infection is likely to pass that onto their child. Infections during pregnancy in the mother, other environmental causes and complications after birth are responsible for hearing loss among almost 30% of babies with hearing loss. A parent who is carrying a child needs to take every precaution available to ensure that they are not passing any of these risky infections onto their unborn child. This means eating healthier, receiving vaccinations and getting regular medical check ups.

In addition to the possibility of complications with disease and infection in a child, a parent also needs to make informed decisions when it comes to the treatment of medical conditions. Most parents simply agree with their medical professional?s advice, not looking into alternative opinions or treatment and side effect possibilities. According to the recent government numbers available, 300 to 400,000 tonsillectomies are performed every year in children and adolescents. Although tonsillectomies are a generally common and lower risk procedure, a parent should still be fully informed prior to putting their child through this surgery. A poor tonsillectomy surgery could lead to unsuccessful vocal cord surgery and ultimately, vocal cord paralysis. Vocal cord paralysis is an non reversible condition.

Another common condition in young children is that of ear problems. Although ear problems may not be as serious as things like vocal cord paralysis, chronic ear conditions can lead to loss of hearing. 5 out of 6 children (83%) will have at least one ear infection by their third birthday. This can be from genetics, poor prenatal care or disease and infection in the child during their first few years. Although ear infections can be common in young children, chronic ear problems can become a problem. This is especially true if the child is still having chronic ear problems into their teenage and adult years. Both vocal cord paralysis and loss of hearing can be scary problems for a parent to deal with.

Being a parent can be a scary thing. You have a lot of decisions to make and you are responsible for keeping your child healthy and safe. You must ensure that your child is safe from risky diseases and infections that could lead to even more risky chronic conditions, like vocal cord paralysis. A parent can start this preparation during pregnancy. A parent needs to ensure that they are eating healthy, receiving regular medical appointments and stay away from the possibility of infections, usually with vaccines and proper hygiene care. Once the child is born, it is important to keep up to date with vaccines, make informed decisions with medical procedures and practice proper hygiene with your child. The necessary precautions can prevent many chronic health conditions from occurring with your young child.

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