How To Keep Your CPAP Mask Clean

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If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, you might have gone ahead and invested in a CPAP mask. Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy is one way that people suffering from sleep apnea can get a more restful night’s sleep. The machine works by blowing pressurized air through your airway at a constant pressure. This prevents your throat from collapsing, and makes it easier for you to fall and stay asleep.

About 18 million Americans suffer from sleep apnea, and about 1 in 50 are diagnosed. Sleep apnea is a serious issue and can put a person at higher risk of stroke and heart disease than someone without sleep apnea.

There are several different types of CPAP masks and devices to choose from, including nasal CPAP masks, nasal pillows, and full face CPAP masks. All of them, however, need to be regularly cleaned as they can gt dirty with bacteria and other icky germs.

Here are a few different ways you can keep all types of cpap masks clean.

1. Daily soap and water

Every day, you should wipe down your CPAP mask with a damp towel and mild detergent. You can use warm water and this will be sure to help remove oils, dead skills cells, sweat, and other kinds of bacteria. It will also help make sure that mold does not end up growing on your mask.

2. Moist Towelettes

Another way to keep all types of CPAP masks clean is by using pre-moistened towelettes that are available at sleep centers and are designed specifically for CPAP machines and masks.

It is especially important to wash all components of your CPAP machine (mask, tubing, humidifier and filter) if you are sick with the cold or flu, which can help you heal quicker.

3. Do a weekly deep clean

While you can get away with wiping down your unit each day with some warm water and soap, it’s important to give your mask and tubing a full bath as least once a week. This helps to ensure that your unit is free of dust, bacteria, and germs.

If your CPAP has as humidifier, it is important to clean that weekly as well.

Keeping your CPAP mask clean is crucial to your health. While your unit can help you get a more restful night’s sleep, failing to keep it clean can cause you to get sick. Stay healthy by cleaning all types of CPAP masks daily and weekly.

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