How to Tell if a Nursing Home is Right for You

Skilled nursing in home care

When an elderly person is no longer able to live in their own homes for safety or medical reasons, it becomes necessary to look for alternative housing options. Many seniors opt to move in to a skilled nursing care facility, also called a nursing home or a convalescent home. Nursing homes are residences for people who may have difficulties with daily living activities, and who require continual medical care. Of course, there are many things to consider when looking for a nursing home. The cost of nursing homes can vary widely based on the services and amenities the home may offer, but it should not be the only deciding factor when choosing a home. Learning how to choose a nursing home can benefit many people, and it is not as difficult as it may seem.

One of the biggest draws of skilled care nursing facilities is the constant medical care. In fact, aside from a hospital, a nursing home provides the highest level of care for elderly individuals. Some nursing homes even have special units for people with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, or other serious memory problems. If you intend to take advantage of many medical services provided, you will want to look into the home’s staff to be sure they are all properly educated and licensed to administer the care you need.

When going to visit a nursing home, be sure to watch for signs of respect between staff and residents. Staff should respect the residents’ privacy by knocking on doors before entering and clearly communicating any medical issues with necessary individuals. The staff should be caring and supportive with the residents to ensure that they are comfortable and their needs are met. Families and potential residents should be encouraged to visit at any time within regular business hours.

Nursing home activities may raise the cost of nursing homes, but they are an essential part of senior living that should not be neglected. Active seniors have been shown to be healthier than their sedentary counterparts. Activities also promote social interaction and encourage bonding among residents.

Most importantly, the interior of the home should be safe and clean, and residents should have access to well-balanced meals. Doorways and hallways should be clear of obstacles that could be a hazard. Rooms should be well-lit and homey, with personal touches added by residents. The home should smell clean and refreshing, with no underlying odor of human waste. Food should be served warm, attractively plated, and with added social interaction if possible. Special considerations should be made for allergies, eating difficulties, and cultural preferences.

If the nursing home has met all of the above requirements, and you feel that you would be comfortable and safe there, then it is time to consider the cost of nursing homes in question. Many places offer payment plans and other options to work with a senior’s income. The important thing to remember is safety and comfort come first. Read more articles like this.

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