Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Offers Relief for Chronic Pain

Chronic regional pain disorder

Most people have heard of Lyme disease. But many may not be aware that hyperbaric oxygen therapy offers hope for sufferers of Lyme disease, chronic regional pain disorder and pain due to a host of other disorders like AIDS and chronic fatigue syndrome.

What is Lyme disease?

Since Lyme disease was first identified in 1975, the number of people infected has been increasing. Doctors and medical personnel were first alerted to the presence of the disease by the high incidence of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis in and around Lyme, CT.
The infection is carried by the “deer tick” , the popularly name for the blacklegged tick. Anyone engaging in outdoor activity is at risk of tick bites. Usually the first sign of Lyme disease is a characteristic round tick bite mark, followed by a distinctive skin rash and symptoms like fever, headache, and unexplained fatigue.
Without treatment, Lyme disease can affect the heart, nervous system and joints. It can be treated with antibiotics. Chronic lyme disease treatments include hyperbaric oxygen treatments.

How does hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatment work?

Hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy has been approved by the FDA. It relies on the use of oxygen at pressure higher than atmospheric pressure, to increase the pressure of oxygen on body tissue in the affected area. A rigid hyperbaric pressure chamber is used to deliver 100% oxygen.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) offers relief from pain to those suffering from RSD, traumatic brain injuries, stroke, radiation necrosis and chronic regional pain disorder. It is one of the most successful rsd treatment options. Hyperbaric oxygen treatment also has the effect of increasing the oxygen carrying capacity of blood.

Those suffering from chronic pain disorders may find relief through HBOT. Medicare will pay for HBOT for 14 different conditions. If you or someone you know is suffering from Lyme disease or any other chronic pain disorder, HBOT Treatments may offer relief.

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