Improve Your Mood This Spring With These 5 Tips

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The end of spring can be a difficult time for your mood. You have already suffered through many months of dark winter conditions and you are more than ready for spring. Yet, spring seems to take its time. One day of sunshine may be followed by a week of rain. Spring is also known for its increase in dark and rainy days. However, if you remember that warm spring is coming and you keep the following mood improvement tips in mind, you can successfully get through this tough season. Before you know it, you will be sitting in the warm sunshine with a cool drink in your hand.

It may be tough to find the motivation for exercise, especially when it is not very nice outside. Exercise, however, increase more than your stamina. It can also increase your mood. Many of the same neurotransmitters that are released with exercise are also an important part in increasing your mood. If you can develop a regular exercise schedule, you are likely to also notice a significant increase in your daily mood. Pair daily exercise with better eating habits for optimal mood improvements.

Be social
Many people?s social activities decrease as the weather gets colder. People prefer to stay in more often during the cold, winter months. Summer brings an increase in social events, which is great for your overall mood. Low moods in the winter months can bring about feelings of loneliness. Attempt to increase your social interactions, even when the weather is poor. Turn to online discussion groups and life coaching podcasts for additional social interactions. Even surrounding yourself in a gym or local coffee shop can do wonders for the mood.

Sleep better
Poor sleep quality can also lead to a decrease in your mood. You will notice that you are angrier, more emotional, and tend to experience more drastic of mood changes. Try to create a bedtime routine that is free of technology for the best night of sleep. If you struggle with falling and staying asleep, consider discussing your possibilities with your medical provider. Approximately 75% of insomniacs who started a daily medication program were able to fall asleep within 20 minutes of going to bed.

Practice meditation and gratitude
When you focus on the negative aspects of your life, you are more likely to feel down. On the other hand, when you focus on the positives in your life and practice gratitude lessons, you are more likely to feel positive. If you need help, consider trying a life coaching podcast or enlisting the help of a spiritual coach. Even taking some form of meditation training can be beneficial. You may even find that meditation helps with sleep quality and reduces overall anxiety and stress. A 2012 review of 36 trials found that 25 of them reported better outcomes for symptoms of anxiety in the meditation groups compared to control groups.

Self reflection
Self reflection forces you to look at your life and to evaluate the things you like and the things that you do not. Self reflection may be found in a counseling session, during a workout, or through a life coaching podcast. Many life coaching podcasts are led by happiness coaches who are experienced in exercises that force you to reflect on yourself.

Journaling is also a great way to engage in self reflection. Keep a journal listing 5 things for which you feel grateful, such as a friend?s generosity, something you have recently learned, or a beautiful scene you have witnessed. Research has demonstrated that people who do this once a week for two months will report more optimism and happiness, fewer physical problems, and more time working out. It can also increase sleep quality.

There are times throughout the year that people tend to feel more down, emotionally. Spring is one of these times, as the transition into warmer and sunnier weather seems to take forever. This spring, keep your emotions positive by working with a life or spiritual coach, following podcasts, exercising, increasing the quality of your sleep, and practicing self reflection.

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