Making Doctor Appointments in Your Pharmacy

Types of telemedicine

In November, retail centers in Miami debuted telehealth and telemedicine kiosks for patients to connect with doctors in privacy and convenience. Florida patients were able to utilize the kiosk to seek treatment for fevers, infections, rashes, and the flu, among other ailments. Now, RiteAid is adding kiosks to their stores, making physicians more accessible to patients.

The kiosks that will soon be appearing in Ohio Rite Aid stores contain telemedicine video conferencing software, in addition to blood pressure cuffs, scales, stethoscopes, and other medical instruments. Fully enclosed, the kiosk offers sufficient privacy to allow patients to speak openly with their physicians. The kiosks accept most major insurance, and appointments average about 15 minutes. Records of the visits are kept to ensure seamless treatment and communication.

Telemedicine services allow patients to see a physician and receive treatment even when there are no available appointments at their primary care physician’s office. The telehealth and telemedicine kiosks will help patients avoid long lines at urgent care facilities, as well. As more patients use the kiosks, fewer people will have to go to urgent care for problems like the flu and pink eye, leaving urgent care more accessible for people who need x-rays or other testing.

Telemedicine software has been growing in popularity for many years, but this is the first time it has been used in a retail environment. Patients who wish to enjoy the benefits of telemedicine will no longer be required to purchase cameras and install video conferencing software. Instead, they can just head to their local pharmacy.

Placing a telemedicine kiosk in a pharmacy may seem like a strange move, but it makes sense from a commercial standpoint as well as fulfilling a patient’s needs. Patients who utilize the telemedicine kiosks will be able to fill their prescriptions right in the pharmacy, without needing to make extra phone calls or trips in the car.

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