Massages and Acupuncture as Regenerative Medicine

Modern medicine takes a wide variety of forms, from pills and chemotherapy all the way to organ transplants or dentures in the mouth. In other cases, though, modern medicine is simply current use of much older but time-honored methods of treating maladies across the human body. The field of regenerative medicine may include regrowing tissues with stem cells, but regenerative medicine can also involve restoring the function and repair of tissues and organs at a chiropractic clinic, a yoga studio, or even an acupuncture clinic. These methods of natural injury recovery are a part of regenerative medicine today, and these drug free healing options can do a lot of good, no surgery needed. What are come common ailments today which call for such regenerative medicine, and how can these methods be employed?

Chiropractic Care and Yoga

Many adults have to contend with a common form of chronic pain: back pain. The spinal cord or back muscles may be compressed or cramped, sore, strained, or otherwise impaired by a number of means. In fact, it is believed that around 80% of Americans will experience back pain at some point of their lives, and around 50% of all working Americans admit to having back pain. Pain in the back or spine may be caused by hard manual labor, such at a construction site, but back pain may also result from strain on the spine due to pregnancy. In other cases, the spine is in pain simply because a person is elderly and has spent many decades fighting gravity while walking and standing upright. Pinched nerves or compressed vertebrae are common spinal issues, and while surgery may be necessary in some cases, non-invasive regenerative medicine can be used.

A chiropractic office is one option, and a person suffering from back pain may consult their doctor to have a chiropractor recommended for them. These doctors can use their bare hands to realign the bones and muscles in a person’s back and neck to ease pressure and cramps, which in turn can restore mobility and reduce chronic pain. The same may be done if a patient opts for a series of yoga sessions, which can have a similar result. Yoga does more than relax the mind; it is based on stretching and bending the body in vigorous but natural ways, and a person may sign up for private sessions at a yoga studio with an expert. With this stretching and bending, a person may decompress their spine, relieve pressure on nerves and muscles, and restore their mobility and flexibility. After a number of sessions, the client may be free of their chronic pain. A person’s physician may recommend a yoga expert and/or a chiropractor for dealing with spinal issues or back pain.

And finally, someone who is recovering from an accident, such as a sports injury or a broken leg, may be suffering from chronic pain. This patient may get help from a physical therapist, who will guide them toward restoring their mobility, flexibility, and easing their pain. This may be common in hospitals for patients who are recovering from injuries.

Massages and Acupuncture

Many massage and acupuncture parlors can be found across the United States as another form of regenerative medicine. Massages have proven highly effective at totally restoring the mind and body alike, and massage experts know how to work the body with their bare hands to relieve stress and pain in the body. They can soothe muscles, bones, and nerves alike, and this physical relief, in turn, can help ease the client’s mind as well for a total recovery. At a massage parlor, there may be supplies such as candles, ambient music, towels, oils, and more to complete this process.

Acupuncture has been used for many centuries as a healing medicine, and it proves effective today. There is nothing to fear from acupuncture needles; they are very thin and can barely even be felt when they are inserted into the skin. These needles are based on the concept of energy flowing through the body, and they can have a similar effect as massages. And for those concerned, acupuncture needles are not inserted deep enough to draw blood, and they are sanitized after use. This prevents the spread of blood-borne pathogens.

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