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Most workplaces require a uniform of some sort or another, and for the nursing world, its medical scrubs. Although these nurse uniforms haven’t garnered the best reviews the past few decades, many companies are now beginning to offer cute scrubs at continuously low prices to allow a little more spice in the medical world.

What are Scrubs? Scrubs are the shirts and pants worn by surgeons, nurses, and midwives. They earned their name by operating room personnel “scrubbing in,” or sanitizing their hands and arms, for surgery. The clothes are made out of special materials that can be easily cleaned and are generally stain resistant. They are the most efficient clothing of choice because they are cheap and easily replaceable when damaged, lost, or stolen.

Not only do medical scrubs prevent medical personnel from being exposed to bodily fluids, they also help patients and staff differentiate between the medical professionals — ensuring a safe and organized working environment. At first, scrub uniforms were used to replace street clothing, but now they are worn by any hospital personnel in any sterile environment.

History of Scrubs Nurses and surgeons did not wear any sort of specialized clothing until the 20th century, although in the 1800’s nurses sold “fever proof” clothing that promised to block diseases. Generally, surgeons and nurses wore their own clothes, and the more bodily fluids they collecting on their clothing, the more highly regarded a nurse and/or surgeon was in the eyes of their patients.

Scrubs Today In the 1950s and 1960s, scrubs were white, yet medical professionals complained about the eye strain in the operating room from the fabric reflecting so much light into their faces. Now, medical scrubs are designed to reduce eye fatigue, ensuring safe and accurate surgical procedures.

Scrubs are very easily accessible to any medical personnel; any nursing apparel store will have a variety of sizes and shapes for every body type. Today’s scrubs come in many patterns, colors, and styles that allow medical professionals to bring a little uniqueness into their work day, while at the same time following dress codes.

Purchasing Scrubs Any online scrubs store will generally sell scrubs at volume discounts, allowing medical facilities to buy their uniforms for their employees at cost-efficient prices. Popular brands such as Cherokee, Dickies, Flexibles, Runway, Luxe, Landau, Urbane, and Grey’s Anatomy all offer great prices and a wide selection.
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