Medical Weight Loss Could It Be For You?

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Deciding to lose weight is one thing — actually losing that weight is another entirely. Many feel as if they’ll never be able to shed those pounds, and that the reason why they can’t lose weight is entirely their fault. This can lead to a major hit on your confidence, and even depression down the road. Firstly, you shouldn’t feel bad if you can’t lose weight. There many reasons why people gain weight and find it difficult to lose. They could be psychological in nature, with many who suffer from depression finding weight gain a side effect. Being injured and thus spending weeks recovering can cause you to gain weight as well. Some have hormonal conditions that make it hard for them to lose weight. The point is that if you have put on weight and find it difficult to lose, you aren’t alone. You should be aware that many diet and exercise fads don’t work for everyone, and in fact some are conscious scams. This is why the best options for you could be physician weight loss programs. Physician weight loss programs, unlike those fad diets, are based on medicine. That way, not only do you have a higher chance of losing weight — you’ll do it in a healthy way. Let’s look into medically supervised weight loss and how it makes a difference.

How Do I Know If I Need Medical Weight Loss Programs?

When it’s time for you to turn to physician weight loss programs is up to you. It can be a hard decision to make, but you’ll be glad you did. You may want to start by looking at your BMI. Your BMI is your Body Mass Index, and it’s calculated through a person’s height and weight. A BMI provides a good indicator of where you stand in relation to a healthy weight, and takes into account the fact that a healthy weight may not be the same for everyone. Usually, a healthy BMI falls somewhere in between 25 and 29.9. People with BMIs of 30 or higher are considered obese. While this may be hard to accept, once you do you can move forward with physician weight loss programs. The goal of medical weight loss solutions is not to make you “stick thin” — it’s to make you healthy. Being obese can seriously impede your health and negatively affect it. Even if you lose just a small amount of weight — between five and 10 pounds, for example — you can counteract your risk of developing diseases associated with obesity.

Why Choose A Medical Weight Loss Program?

So, why go to a weight loss clinic rather than losing weight on your own? For one thing, losing weight is a medical issue. By losing weight, you are decreasing your risk of developing conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and even some stroke-related conditions. At the same time, there are unhealthy ways to lose weight. Many so-called diets are based on starvation. They may not seem that way, but underneath the surface they’re encouraging unhealthy eating habits that could even lead to eating disorders. Furthermore, some exercise techniques advised by people without medical degrees can be harmful to people with excess weight. They can easily be injured in the process of losing weight, or for that matter suffer from heart issues, among a list of other problems. Physicians have the medical knowledge necessary to ensure that weight loss is safe and healthy. It isn’t a race — gradual weight loss could be more likely to be the kind that “sticks”.

How Does Medical Weight Loss Work?

Medical weight loss depends on your situation and the center you choose. Some clinics have in and out patient programs, while others stick to out patient programs. You may be guided through an exercise regimen; or you could find yourself trying body sculpting procedures. It depends on your goals and what your physician thinks is right for you.

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