Older Adults Rising Health Care Needs

Mattress protector incontinence

The group of Americans who are considered elderly will soon greatly outnumber the very young generation. By the year 2030, it?s estimated that older adults will make up around 20% of the population of the United States.

As the bulk of the American population ages, their rising health care issues will need to be addressed, which is leading to the rapidly growing health care market.

Being in good health is extremely important for retirees. One recent study found that 81% of the retired adults found the most important part of being happy in retirement is good health.

However, very few people over a certain age are able to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle and body. In older Americans, two out of three have more than one chronic condition. More than one quarter of the United States as a whole suffers from more than one chronic disorder. These health issues are taking up a growing percent of the nation?s health care budget system.

As the older adult health care needs continues to rise, more products will be available to offer aid. Items like walking aids for the elderly, diabetic care, diapers for adults, and disposable mattress pads are becoming more readily available for caretakers and homes. Products like prevail nu fit and catheters are adapting to better suit the needs of older adults with incontinence and urinary issues.

Although it may not thought of as a common problem, urinary health issues effect a large number of older adults. Somewhere between one in four or one in five hospitalized patients receive catheters during their time in a hospital, which has driven the need for things like prevail nu fit diapers and prevail nu fit briefs. As urinary incontinence is very often found in the elderly. Almost half of those aged over 85 have issues with incontinence.

This is just one of the many issues that older adults dealing with their health care have to face. As a bigger portion of the American population ages, products and issues will become more relevant and seen in the public eye. It’s difficult to think about the health issues that will be relevant and important in the coming years. Medicine will advance and hopefully the products and services to older Americans will be better able to meet their needs.

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