One Out Of Five Americans Has Several Untreated Cavities Why You Should Visit A Dentist This Year

Good oral health takes time to build up. That doesn’t mean it’s not worth it.

Did you know recent studies suggest that poor oral health could have a link to Alzheimer’s? What about the benefits of a good smile when it comes to career success and dating? There’s a lot of good that comes with a healthy, bright smile and it’s something that can be achieved with a few more healthy habits. Far too many Americans today are struggling under the weight of cavities, lost teeth, and old crowns. With a mixture of daily habits and yearly visits to the dentist’s office you can finally start bouncing back.

Here are five useful resources you can look into at your local family dental this year to bump up your oral health to sparkling heights.

The Onset Of Tooth Decay And How To Avoid It

There are a lot of reasons to visit a dental clinic. You might want to repair dental crowns or see how your cavities are doing. The latter is a particularly common request, due in no small part to how tooth decay can erupt from this seemingly basic issue. Tooth decay has been found to be tweenty times more common than diabetes and five times more common than childhood asthma. Left unchecked it can turn into permanent jaw pain and lost teeth…yikes!

Replacing Old Crowns With Newer, Tougher Models

What’s another good reason to stop by the dental clinic? Repair dental crowns that are starting to show their age. The average time people in America wait for another dental appointment is three years. A lot can happen in that amount of time. Over 15 million people in the United States have crown or bridge replacements for missing teeth, making this only slightly less common than seeking out help for tooth decay.

Reducing Periodontal Disease With Regular Flossing And Rinsing

If you’re worried about possibly needing to see an emergency dentist, never fear. Healthy habits are best done now and will go a long way in boosting your health. It’s estimated one out of five Americans today has one or more untreatd cavities. Periodontal disease is an issue that also increases with age, with recent studies finding 70% of adults over the age of 65 having this condition. Thankfully, flossing and rinsing twice per day has been found to reduce this onset significantly.

The Psychological Impact Of A Bright, Even Smile

You know about the health benefits of brushing, flossing, and rising. What about the social and psychological impact? According to a recent study on the matter over 95% of adult respondents stated an attractive smile makes a person more appealing. It’s also considered the rare physical feature that actually stays beautiful when aging! If you’re looking to snag a date or get a promotion, this is one element you absolutely do not want to overlook.

Why You Should Visit The Dentist Once Or Twice Per Year

You can achieve a lot with brushing, flossing, and rising. If you’re feeling a little behind, there’s a family dental clinic that can help. Many dental offices offer sliding fee payment plans so you can still repair dental crowns or fill in cavities without breaking the budget. Over 30% of people today admit they’re concerned with the look of their teeth, with a whopping 20% covering their smile in photos. All this can be easily changed by asking your cosmetic dentist about teeth whitening plans.

Repair dental crowns and soothe aching, bleeding gums this year by reaching out to a dentist that wants you smiling your best.

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