Poor Sleep Habits Affect More than You Think

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Poor sleep, lack of sleep and sleep apnea affects your body in a variety of ways. One of those ways is contributing to low testosterone. The more uninterrupted sleep that you get, the higher testosterone levels you will have.

Aside from just poor sleep, there are a number of factors that can interfere with a good nights sleep to lower levels as well. Having a baby and having your sleep interrupted at night time reduces the amount of good sleep that you get. Sleep disorders or breathing disorders such as sleep apnea interfere with a proper nights rest as well.

Testosterone levels are at their peak around eight in the morning. These levels slowly decrease throughout the day and are at their lowest around eight in the evening. While you sleep your body produces testosterone to raise levels. Therefore if you don’t get a good quality nights sleep or you get poor sleep throughout the night, your testosterone levels will not be as high come morning time.

Low testosterone is a condition in which males suffer from lower than optimum testosterone levels. Approximately 13 million men in America have low testosterone. Of these 13 million approximately 90% receive no treatment for it.

Low testosterone levels can cause decreased strength in men as well as decreased muscle. Other effects include depression, lack of focus and erectile dysfunction. Decreased well being is another direct effect of low testosterone.

Getting your testosterone levels checked is usually a quick procedure. Usually a simple blood test is all that is needed and results are usually received in as little as 45 minutes. Most insurance companies cover the testing and the therapy. Treatment commonly includes patches, injections and gels.

Some of the benefits that you may see after testosterone treatment include higher motivation and increased sexual drive. You will probably notice a decrease in your irritability levels as well as your depression, if you experienced it. You should see an improvement in your cognitive function as well as your memory. You might also notice thicker skin and possibly decreased body fat as well.

Testosterone therapy can be one of the best therapies for you. Poor sleep may affect your testosterone levels, but that can go both ways. If excess fat or depression are interfering with your sleep, low testosterone could be the problem. Diagnosing and treating your levels could impact other areas of your life making it possible to get a proper nights sleep all night every night.

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