Pros and Cons of Plastic Surgery

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When the common, every day person thinks of plastic surgery, they probably think about overdone breast lifts, bad nose jobs and too much Botox. However, this is not the case anymore. Most people got the idea that plastic surgery is a cosmetic procedure that no one but celebrities get because that’s where it was mostly seen; in the gossip column. However, nowadays, technology has advanced so much that plastic surgery has become so natural looking and affordable to anyone who wants to get something done. It doesn’t have to just be a publicity stunt anymore. However, if you are considering getting a facelift or something else done, you might want to do a little research before and decide if this is really something that you want to do. Here are a few of the pros and cons regarding plastic surgery.


  • Get the Look You Want
    If you get cosmetic surgery, you can literally choose the look that you want. You’ll be given a book of pictures or you can bring in your own to give the surgeon an idea of what you are after. It’s much like when you go into a hair salon. Pick your nose or your tummy and then talk with the surgeon and find out if it’s going to be doable for you.

  • Feel Better About Yourself
    If your surgery goes as planned and you are happy with the outcome, then you are naturally going to receive a boost in your own self esteem and confidence. Having a higher level of confidence in yourself can positively affect every area of your life. While the way you look may not be the answer to all of your problems, it can definitely help a lot. It might be something to explore if you are feeling unsatisfied or depressed with your general circumstances.

  • You’ll Have Stronger Relationships
    If you can love yourself and be happy with yourself then chances are you will be better able to reach out to the people around you and start to build strong, lasting relationships. Even your relationship with your spouse could improve. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how much your partner tells you they love the way you look; if you aren’t happy with how you look then you aren’t going to be able to believe them. This distrust could play out in other areas, making things difficult for you. Agreeing that you look good will help you to be able to learn to trust the word of your partner and other people.


  • It Can Get Pricey
    While plastic surgery is definitely a lot more affordable than it used to be as well as available, it can still add up. Depending on what you get, things can be pretty expensive. If you are getting something done for cosmetic reasons only then it will generally not be covered by health insurance because it is considered an optional surgery. If something is not required in order to improve your health then the insurance company is not going to pay for it.

  • The Outcome isn’t Guaranteed
    People can tend to have unrealistic expectations of plastic surgery. If the surgeon is not able to effectively communicate what their expectations should be, the person receiving the surgery may not be happy with the results compared to what they thought they would look like. Make sure that you pick a surgeon that has excellent reviews and if possible, has been referred to you by someone who has had work done by them. This is the best way to ensure that the surgeon is capable and a skilled communicator.

  • There Can Be Too Many Techniques
    Each surgeon has their own technique and procedure that they use in order to receive the same outcome. This means that if you have not done your own research, you may find that you do not like the technique that your surgeon used but by then it will be too late.

  • There Can Be Problems With Being Ethical
    Breast implants are the number one thing that women ask for when it comes to plastic surgery. Some surgeons will not stop women from going too large because they want the money. The women will end up going back later to reduce their size when they begin to experience back pain, clothing issues and other problems.

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