Proton Treatment a Breakthrough For Advanced Cancer Treatment Options!

Advanced cancer treatment options should never be overlooked. A lot of people that have received the dreaded diagnosis that their cancer is advanced or that it has metastasized give up hope and stop treatments. While advanced cancer treatment options may not “cure” the cancer there is still a great deal of hope that these treatments can significantly slow down the growth of the cancer to relieve symptoms and add years on to your life.

New treatment options are being discovered every day to treat even the latest stage cancer. Advanced cancer treatment options that are currently available can help to bridge the gap until a cure is discovered and offered.

What is Proton Treatment?

Many cancers are treated with radiation therapy. Proton therapy is a form of radiation treatment that is thought to be safer for the surrounding tissues and organs. For example, some breast cancer treatment plans including radiation treatment using traditional x-rays, however x-rays can cause damage to the surrounding tissues and organs and create terrible side effects including heart damage. Proton treatment is safer.

Positively charged ions are used in Pencil Beam Proton Therapy instead of radiation. It is thought to be a much safer method of treating tumors both cancerous and non-cancerous. The process takes a few minutes and can include several weeks of daily treatment or treatments that are spread out over time. The best treatment course should be decided by an experienced oncologist.

With this type of therapy the surrounding tissue and organs are safer. The treatment is more focused than traditional radiation treatments. It is a non-invasive cancer treatment in that there are no surgical incisions required.

The Results

This is relatively new treatment option that there has not been a lot of comparative research done for. The literature that is published does support the idea that this is an effective treatment option however there is not enough literature to determine the level of effectiveness and improved safety when compared to traditional methods.

This can be a stand-alone option for the treatment of cancer, or it can be used in conjunction with other modalities to get better results.

Proton Treatment, Is It Right for You?

Proton therapy is a treatment option that can be used to fight a wide range of cancers. It is being used to treat brain tumors, tumors of the head and neck, neck cancer, spinal tumors, melanoma of the eye, breast cancer treatment, lung tumors, treatment options for prostate cancer and more. Your doctor is your best resource for investigating this treatment option.

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