Senior Living Options: Assisted Living or Skilled Nursing?

assisted living facilities

assisted living facilitiesAs your loved ones start to age, it can be difficult to find the time and attention they need devoted to them. When it comes to the point where they need professional care, you can easily become overwhelmed with the amount of retirement housing options. Many children of the elderly are unaware of the different levels of care provided by the two most basic options of elderly living; assisted living centers and nursing homes. Here are a few key differences between the two options.

Assisted Living Community
Assisted living facilities are a housing option for seniors who need little assistance to help perform their day-to-day tasks. Services such as cleaning, transportation, and meals are offered in these communities. They can also provide assistance with tasks such as dressing, walking, or bathing. An assisted living home is the best option for elderly parents who still desire some form of independence, and don’t need constant, immediate care.

Nursing Homes
A nursing home provides 24 hour healthcare for the elderly, disabled, or terminally ill. Nursing home staff are trained experts, and many nursing home staff specialize in elderly care. This helps them care for patients by giving them the proper treatments whenever they are needed. These are considered medical facilities, rather than a community of elders. Nursing homes are usually seen as a last resort, and most seniors end up in them after a hospital visit or a severe illness.

To choose between an assisted living community and a nursing home, talk to your loved one about the level of care they will require. It may be emotionally tolling to admit your parents into a long term care facility, but researching and finding a high quality facility can help ease the anxiety of both you and your parents.

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