Stopping Your Balding And Living Your Best Life

All throughout the country, hair loss can be seen among men and women alike. Hair loss happens for a number of reasons and impacts the lives of millions. In fact, up to 35 million men are currently dealing with some stage of hair loss, though up to half of all hair must first be lost before this will really become visible. In addition to this, more than 20 million women are also dealing with hair loss, again for a variety of different reasons.

The toll that hair loss can take is a serious one, and men and women can both fall into mental health difficulties as a result of losing some or all of their hair. In fact, more than half of all hair loss sufferers have stated that they would rather have hair than all of their life savings. And a similar percentage have even prioritized having a full head of hair over their close personal relationships. Such surveys have shown just how viscerally hair loss can make an impact on the average person’s life. And hair loss can feel like something of an inevitability to many.

In fact, hair loss is prevalent even among relatively young men. Already by the time that they have reached the still relatively youthful age of 35, more than half of all men will have hair that is starting to thin – if they are not already in a more advanced stage of baldness. And by the time that they reach the age of 50, the vast majority of all men – up to 85% of them – will have lost at least some of their hair. The fear of losing hair, slowly or rapidly, is very real among many men of all ages, especially if there is a history of hair loss in their family.

Fortunately, there are steps that can be taken to reverse hair loss for many men. The hair transplant surgery cost can seem at first to be daunting, but many men will decide that this hair transplant surgery cost is more than worth paying for a full head of hair. But before you even look at the average hair transplant surgery cost, it is quite hugely important to meet with a hair loss specialist, someone who is likely to put you in touch with a hair loss surgeon who specializes in hair transplant surgery.

As anyone who has looked into hair transplant surgery cost likely known, the average hair transplant clinic will be able to perform a number of different surgeries. The FUE procedure is common, as it involves taking naturally grouped clumps of hair from one part of the head and transplanting them to the part of the head where the balding is prominent. And though these clumps can have as many as eight hairs in them, they typically only have about two to three. This means that scarring is non existent and healing time is ideal. When a FUE procedures is performed, the chances of developing an infection are also quite low, all things considered.

A FUSS procedure, on the other hand, involves taking a strip of scalp from one part of the head and transferring it to the part where balding is becoming or has become noticeable. However, this often leads to the need for scar revision surgery down the line and can also develop an infection more easily throughout the healing process. Even though the hair transplant surgery cost will be a factor, paying a higher hair transplant surgery cost for a FUE procedure over a FUSS procedure is likely to be more than worth it at the end of the day. And for many people, saving up for this hair transplant surgery cost will make it even easier to afford.

Of course, if the hair transplant surgery cost is simply too much, at least at the time being, there are other options for lessening the appearance of hair loss. Micropigmentation is also an option. This procedure does not restore hair, unfortunately, but can be quite successful at mimicking the appearance of a fuller head of hair than what actually exists. For many people, getting a micropigmentation hairline is a good stopgap.

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