Taking A Closer Look At The Importance Of Physical Play For Children Of All Ages Here In The United States And Beyond

For the youngest of children to those that are quickly becoming more and more grown up, physical and active play is hugely important to leading a healthy lifestyle. After all, physical play is essential for physical wellbeing, as physical movement and activity remains one of the most important components of life throughout all of your years. But physical activity and play is also even essential to brain development, particularly in regards to the development of both fine and gross motor skills – which must be fully developed by the time that a child reaches the age of six, or else they are likely to face ill effects throughout the rest of their lives.

Ideally, the average child will be getting a full hour of moderate physical activity on a daily basis once they have reached and surpassed the age of two. Of course, this physical activity can look different for different children, ranging from playing on commercial indoor playground equipment to simply taking a walk with family and friends on nice summer evenings. For many kids, however, this amount of exercise is simply not happening – in fact, the data shows that only one third of all children here in the United States are getting even just a mere 25 minutes of physical activity even just three times in a single week.

There are many reasons that this might be the case. For one thing, many children are spending more and more time using electronics of various types, so much so that as many as two thirds of all parents have actually become quite considered about the amount of screen time that their child or children are getting. And in many ways, this concern is very much justified. After all, the average child is actually viewing screens of various natures for as many as seven and a half hours in a single day, something that can be hugely detrimental in a number of ways, least of all in that it restricts the amount of physical activity that kids of all ages are getting.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways to combat this problem. While getting out and active can be much harder during the often cold and brutally long winter months, indoor play spaces like the commercial indoor jungle gym and other such commercial indoor play structures can be a great way to get your child up and moving – and even in the company of other children. Fortunately, commercial indoor playground equipment is becoming more popular than ever, and many communities have at least one set up of this commercial indoor playground equipment available for the children of the neighborhood to take advantage of. And while this commercial indoor playground equipment might cost a small fee to use, it is likely one that is more than worth it at the end of the day – and for the health and happiness of all family members.

The typical kids indoor play structure and commercial indoor playground equipment can also often be found at many a daycare facility. For parents who both work, choosing a daycare or other such childcare facility where commercial indoor playground equipment is available for use by the children who attend the center is often an ideal way to ensure that the kids in question are getting as much physical movement as is necessary over the course of the day. And playing on playgrounds and even just commercial indoor playground equipment is a great way to insure that children stay healthy all throughout life, as kids that exercise in some regular way during their childhood years are actually also much more likely to exercise during their adult years as well, proving that healthy habits ingrained young really do have quite the lasting impact.

There are certainly many benefits to regular physical activity. For one, it promotes healthy brain development, particularly for children who have not yet reached their sixth birthdays. In addition to this, they’re likely to be healthier physically too.

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