Taking A Look At The Growing Market For Mens Personal Care Products

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From styling products for men’s hair to shampoo for men, there are many products out there that are specifically geared towards men’s grooming, a market that is ever on the rise here in the United States and in many other parts of the world as well. In fact, the male grooming market is set to be worth more than $29 billion by the time that we reach the year 2024 – and that’s only here in the United States alone, let alone in countries all throughout the rest of the world. Even by the time that we reach the year 2020, now less than two full years away, this market is supposed to grow by as much as 10%.

There are many places to get such products, no matter if you’re looking for styling products for men’s hair or skincare cream for men. Online purchases for such male grooming products and men’s styling products (such as styling products for men’s hair, to name just one potential example) are popular, as they allow men of all ages and places throughout the country to look at a wide array and variety of products and ultimately choose the one or ones that are most ideal for them.

But this does not mean that brick-and-mortar stores that are selling male grooming products have become in any way obsolete. In fact, it has even been found that the opposite is true, with up to 80% – more than three-quarters – of all such purchases are made on site instead of online. When you purchase something in person, you will have a greater ability to ask any questions that you might have about the product in question, from styling products for men’s hair to various shaving creams. When you can ask questions, you’re more likely to make the right decision in finding a skincare product that works for you – ultimately, your overall shopping experience is able to become much more personalized.

For many men, this process will include looking at products meant for facial hair, as facial hair is growing in popularity among many here in the United States. Just a few years ago, for instance, only around 15% of all adult men here in the United States had facial hair. However, this has since changed, with more than 35% of men sporting some degree of facial hair. And while many men with facial hair will still shave it to some extent, primarily as a form of shaping it and grooming it, up to 20% of all men will actually not shave their facial hair at all, instead choosing to let it grow in quite naturally.

And men with facial hair have special grooming needs, with nearly 20% of them (around 18% of them, to be just a little bit more exact) using such beard grooming and facial hair grooming products every single day. There is a wide range of products that have been developed for men with varying levels of facial hair, from mustache oil to beard oil. Beard grooming kits are also popular, allowing beard havers and beard growers to keep the shape of their beards looking clean-cut and professional, no matter how long they might be – or how long they wish to ultimately grow them, at that.

Styling products for men’s hair are also more popular than ever before, particularly as men begin to want to experiment with more and more hairstyles. Many men have chosen to grow their hair out to some extent, something that influences how they care for their hair quite significantly in most cases. Fortunately, styling products for men’s hair can help to make the process of hair care easier, ensuring a polished look at the end of the day – and a superb hold, allowing the man in question to maintain his hairstyle as long as he needs to.

All in all, the market for men’s grooming products is on the rise, climbing exponentially in recent years and very much likely to continue to do so in the years that are to come as well.


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