The Benefits of a Spa Trip

Finding a good day spa

We all talk about needing a day in the spa, a massage, pampering, relaxation, etc, but what is a day spa really? What is a massage (in the sense that what does a massage entail, what does it target, what does it help)? What is included in a spa package and how can you determine which package best suits your needs? And the ultimate question: why go to a spa?

So what is a day spa? A day spa provides different spa packages to choose from, including a different variety of spa amenities and spa treatment options over the course of your day. When thinking: what is a day spa, consider it almost like a vacation for a day. For example, many resorts offer day spas, allowing their customers to reach the epitome of relaxation.

Days spas have many different benefits relating to health and wellness. Many spas offer saunas, which have been shown to reduce risk of cardiac arrest by over 20% if used two to three times a week (compared to those who only used a sauna once a week). Saunas also help to stimulate weight loss. Because they cause a considerable amount of sweating, a sauna user can burn up to 500 calories in a 20 minute session at 170 degrees fahrenheit. Heart beats are also shown to increase in saunas, which has also been linked to cardiovascular wellness.

Spas in general are good for wellness because of their positive effect on stress. Stress, as we all know, does nothing good for our health. Stress can cause or exacerbate a number of health concerns, including but not limited to heart disease and cancer. Nearly half of all adults suffer a negative impact on their health due to stress.

But more people are asking: what is a day spa? The focus towards wellness has increased in the last few years, with 17 million people reporting spa usage in the spring of 2017. Over 175 million people have visited spas since 2016 alone. And people truly think that spas are helping: almost 90% of those polls believed receiving a massage had been beneficial to their health.

What is a day spa? A place to achieve total relaxation alongside the benefits that come along with a reduction of stress.

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