There is No Need to Submit to a Bike the Way it Comes Out of the Store – Chainring for Single Speed Bikes and Other Parts

A chainring for single speed bikes helps to keep your bike going, kind of like the “motor” for your bicycle. Many other bike parts also help ensure the safety and productivity of your bicycle. Whether you are riding for fun, exercise, or transportation, there is always a great need to keep your bike up to date.

What is a Chainring for Single Speed Bikes?

To begin, a chainring for single speed bikes is made up chains that rotate in order to turn the wheels of the bike. The chain contains a specific number of bolt holes by which the total length is counted. These holes are able to place the bolts, or chainring bolts, that will attach the chain to the wheel.

The type of chain and chainring bolt to be used may be determined by the different crank arms that are used for bike construction. It could be a multi-chainring crank arm with ramps or pins to aid in shifting. Then there is also the middle chainring, in the case of a triple crankset, which is able to control shifting up and down.

Measuring a Bolt Circle Diameter

Bolt Circle Diameter (BCD) includes the calculation of the diameter of the bolts going through all of those holes in the chain. The bolt circle in the chain is the size of the chainring bolt that will attach the chain to the wheel securely. That number needs to be calculated properly in order to have a bike work safely. Therefore, it is essential to know crankset BCD every time you shop for a new chainring or crankset for your bike.

Biking for Many Reasons

Whether a biking trip is long or short, or for different reasons, whether takes place on the road or sidewalk, on a natural trail of more challenge and danger, or for exercise versus transportation, there are accessories like toe clips and others that can help upgrade your bike to your specific needs. In addition to exercise, there are many benefits to biking like a great deal of fuel savings and cost savings in general regarding transportation. Even more than these parts, wheel builders make a great effort to help run effectively for a long time. This help people get to work, school and other locations without the need for any gasoline at all. With this benefit, bikes are able to save almost 240 million gallons of gasoline per year.

The Need for Chainring Bolts and Additional Bike Parts

Many specific parts are needed for the construction of a bike, along with the chain, crankset, and bolts. Many different parts can be included in the construction of a bike for a specific need, including any of the following:

  • Bike brake levers
  • Bike chain
  • Bike frames
  • Bike toe clips
  • Bottom bike bracket
  • Cartridge bottom bracket
  • Clips for your toes
  • Pedals for bikes
  • Single speed crank

No matter what parts are chosen for your custom bike, a chainring for single speed bikes is a great starting point. Bicycle customization benefits both the customer and the bike shops alike. With the ability to customize every part of the bike, all bike brands are able to expand their customer base by meeting the needs of so many more than they ever originally imagined.

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