These Three Modern Tech Marvels Will Help You Age in Place in Your Own Way

Stair lift

Baby Boomers have been retiring for several years now and are continuing to retire every day. If you are a part of this great generation, then you already know the concerns many people have about aging and how it will affect your daily life.

Specifically, you want to live in your home and do the things that keep you independent for as long as you can. The older we get, the more difficult it can be to do the things that we have always taken for granted. Driving, walking up and down the stairs, and even navigating the bathroom can become challenging as we age.

According to recent research, an older American is treated for a fall every 11 seconds. As we get older, it can be very difficult to lead the independent lifestyle we have always been accustomed to.

Thankfully, modern technology has been able to provide us with affordable ways to continue to do what we have always done by giving us a little extra help. Here are three modern tech marvels that will help you age in place in your own way.

The Bruno Valet Plus Seat

The Bruno Valet Plus Seat is an auto seat that rotates, extends and lowers to the individual needs of the person using it. There is nothing about your original seat that is altered, so you can install it into another vehicle if you ever need to. The Bruno Valet Seat price just might surprise you. It was designed to be safe, durable, and affordable.

The stair lift

Aging can certainly make navigating the stairs in your home a real chore. You used to bound up and down, but now just getting to the top can be exhausting. The good news is that stair lifts for home staircases make navigating those tricky stairs as easy as taking a short ride. These lifts are available for indoor as well as outdoor staircases and can be installed very quickly by trained professionals who know just what it takes to get you to the top and back down again as safely as possible.

Bathroom accessibilty products

According to a 2016 report done by HomeAdvisor, almost half of the homeowners over 55 say they would modify their bathroom first as they prepare to age in place in their home. With two million senior citizens visiting the emergency room every year as the result of a fall, it is easy to see how many of those falls occur in the bathroom.

Bathroom accessibility products like grab bars and power chair lifts that help you in and out of the tub can make your living experience much easier and a great deal safer.

Unfortunately, aging is not something we can get away from; it is a natural part of our life. The good news is that we can now age in place in our own way with technology designed to make life easier and safer. When it comes tie to decide what you want to implement first, consider where you might be in the most danger first.

The Bruno Valet Seat price, for example, can allow you to afford to modify your car so that you can remain independent while driving and still have money in the budget for your other needs. When you think about what it means to still be able to drive around town and handle your errands on your own, the Bruno Valet Seat price will be worth every penny.

No matter your immediate needs, it is a great time to be a retired senior in America. There is so much still to look forward to.

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